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Four Ways Technology Can Boost Your Business In 2022 and Beyond

13 November 2021

Any business owner will be continually focused on what they can do to improve the success of their company. Regardless of the size of your company or what sector and industry you lie in, finding new and innovative ways of ensuring the growth of your business is paramount but is not an easy task to complete.

As expected, the definition of success for one business will not be the same as what constitutes success for another. Working on an individual basis, this is an element of your business model that you should refrain from comparing to your competitors. While that does not stop you from assessing what they have done to be successful or what to avoid, you should make a conscious effort to avoid comparing what makes either of you successful overall; business goals are different for each, remember that.

That being said, there are elements of all companies which overlap and are often used to contribute to the overall success. This includes the use of technology in some aspects, and this is something we will be talking about a little further below.

If you have found yourself interested in learning more about how technology can boost your business, both in the coming months and beyond, then you are in luck! Read on to find all you need to know and leave us with the knowledge of what you need to do to maximise your efforts.

1. Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Being a productive business is critical for any company; if you are not productive, then nothing will get done. As a result, we feel confident that businesses big and small are always on the lookout for ways to improve their workers’ productivity, and this is where technology comes into play.

We feel we would be right in saying that technology has changed the way that we work. From smaller tasks to those more significant, technology enables these tasks to be completed in more efficient ways.

What’s more, technology is not done with growing! Frequently we are hearing about new programmes and software emerging, developed to make the way we work even more efficient and streamlined than ever before. Using this to your advantage as a company can be difficult to know how to do, but there are ways about it.

Research what technology you feel would benefit your business based on the products or services that you provide, and work from there. Test these forms of technology in your business, assess the productivity and efficiency rate among your workforce, and whether the technology brings anything special to the table. Hold onto the technology that is working and get rid of that which isn’t.

2. Expand and Improve Storage Options

Storing documents relating to the running of your business is something that all company owners do. However, long gone are the days of filing everything by hand and storing endless physical copies of business data in filing cabinets. While we have no doubt, there may be some business owners reading this who might still store some parts of their company’s data in filing cabinets; this is not an ideal means of storing sensitive information in the long run. Not to mention, storing sensitive information in a physical format increases the risk of it landing in the wrong hands, which could be detrimental to your business in the short and long term.

Technology has enabled businesses to store their company data online through online storage platforms and cloud-based storage. While these are both excellent means of storing business information, there are also other means by which companies can use technology to improve storage options.

Word documents are undoubtedly useful. Used by companies worldwide, they enable collaboration on projects and somewhere to document various information in a sleek format. However, it can often be difficult to share and store if the document is large in size and content.

Converting the document into a PDF file and then compressing the file to make it smaller is one way of getting around this common obstacle and is a different way that technology can boost your business. If you are unsure how to go about this, this guide will help you.

3. Provide Opportunities for Growth and Development

Career development is critical to so many of us. This is entirely normal and is one of the main factors influencing the decisions for many out there. For the most part, we drift towards jobs and companies that promise a certain level of career development, and why wouldn’t you?

Career development ensures that we do not plateau in our skillsets or become bored of the career we are pursuing. At the same time, growing and developing skill sets in the workplace opens up a whole host of opportunities and gives a foot up into the next level of work.

As a business owner, you have the leverage to provide learning opportunities to your employees. How you choose to provide these learning opportunities is entirely up to you, but there are various developmental platforms out there, each offering a wide variety of courses.

What’s more, you could implement some internal learning opportunities, including buddying a more senior staff member with one lower down the food chain. They will be able to learn the processes from the people who handle them, and you will be curating an educational working environment at the same time.

4. Reduces Costs in Certain Departments

Initially, this might appear like a bit of a reach, but hear us out! Technology provides a multitude of opportunities for business owners, big and small. While the technology itself might prove a significant one-off cost in the first instance, you can rest assured that the money spent here will be made back over some time.

Particularly if you work in manufacturing, you might have found yourself implementing technology more heavily over time. Still, many different industries can see increased efficiency and reduced costs with an investment in automation.

Your employee will be learning new skills, having a different job role to fill, completing tasks more efficiently, and reducing costs. What’s not to like?

Depending on the industry your business lies within, it could mean you can use technology to eliminate any rental costs for office spaces. Following millions of companies worldwide transitioning to remote working, many have opted to close down their offices entirely and work solely from home.

Technology has enabled companies to change their business models to suit the working world around them; this certainly was not something that was achievable in previous years. Adapting to the working landscape around us is critical to the survival of businesses big and small and is something that has become all the more possible thanks to technology.

Whether you choose to close your offices entirely is up to you but is well worth considering if the equations add up and you can remain productive and effective in working from home. Saving money on operational costs through the use of technology will go a long way in your overall success but might take some time to plan and implement.

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