Andrew Jones MP
Andrew Jones MP

Local MP welcomes temporary Bilsdale transmitter replacement

9 September 2021

Local MP, Andrew Jones, has today welcomed the installation of a temporary tv and radio transmitter located at Sutton Bank.  The installation has resulted in the return of tv and radio to thousands of homes across Harrogate & Knaresborough and North Yorkshire after weeks of outage following the fire on the North York Moors.

Andrew Jones met with Arqiva – owners of the Bilsdale mast – yesterday who confirmed the temporary installation.  The next stage of the plan is to build an 80 metre-high temporary mast on land near the existing mast at Bilsdale.  This land is protected land and land ownership and permissions have been causing delays.  It is expected that the Bilsdale mast will need to be taken apart and removed.

Harrogate and Knaresborough’s MP commented:

This is welcome news and will provide reassurance and comfort to those who rely on these services.  I have met with Arqiva and we discussed how important the services are and how they are being missed. They detailed the actions they are taking to restore services in both the short and longer term, and were very open and constructive.  They have a significant task ahead and there are challenges in delivering it in an environmentally sensitive landscape but this must be achieved as soon as possible.


  1. It’s good I live in north yorkshire but you only get a limited amount of channels not many really
    It really is taking far to long in this day and age we have all been treated very badly with very little help or support.
    Very poor and totally unacceptable

  2. My neighbour has got it but I can’t get it! It’s ridiculous. We live in HG4 1RY. My door to my flat is about 6 foot away from his. The lady a few blocks down can get it. My neighbour and I are on the same communal Ariel so I can’t understand why I can’t get it!

  3. I live in Filey nothing at all no signal for over a month now, surely some thing could be done by now, it’s our only life line, b

  4. At Catterick my chimney stack aerial pointing to Bilsdale, is getting nothing. I’ve put up another aerial inside pointing to Pontop Pike & get a few channels but no BBC. At this snails pace it looks like I won’t be renewing my TV licence in January.

  5. I just can’t understand why this is taking so long? Its ridiculous! My Internet signal is poor so watching live TV isn’t really an option. Can Northallerton use the Sutton Bank mast? I just want to be able to watch a TV at home, not too much to ask.
    When will we all get a proper TV signal that enables us to watch all the channels please?

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