Arqiva say there are delays to temporary mast due to land access issues

25 August 2021

Arqiva, the owner of the Bilsdale Transmitter have said there are delays to the phase 2 of the process for restoring service, with the erection of a temporary 80-metre mast now delayed due to land access issues.

A spokesperson for Arqiva said:

The remaining stages of our plan require access to the original mast site to deliver materials, build and commission the temporary 80-metre mast which would expand TV services to the vast majority of households. The legal process to secure appropriate access to the site to build the temporary mast is taking longer than we initially anticipated and as a result it will not be operational by this weekend as we’d hoped.

We are making representations to the court as to the severity and the urgency of the situation but we are in the hands of the judicial system currently. We continue to speak to the landowner to see if we can reach an access agreement whilst the application is being processed. We are doing everything we can to move this forward as quickly as possible and are seeking the assistance of everybody involved to accelerate the process.

Arqiva have said they continue to do everything in its power to restore broadcast services as quickly and safely as possible following the fire which damaged the Bilsdale Mast earlier this month.

The majority of homes affected, more than 400,000, have now had their TV services restored, and FM radio and Digital Radio have also returned to most households.

Arqiva added:

Our teams are working round the clock, alongside our partners, to return services to normal for people across the area as quickly as possible.

We fully recognise that, for those who remain affected, this is a frustrating time as services have not been restored as quickly as we had hoped.

We apologise for that.



  1. Why has my TV been working for the last few days but went off again at 0630 today? When will it return and will I need to retune?

  2. My postcode is Dh62dp still no signal but next door neighbour has full signal. I can’t understand why

  3. Crikey Harrogate Informer, use a spell checker
    or a good old dictionary before you put up articles. My ten year old did the corrections on this one. Did your journalists get through primary school?

  4. There should always be a back up or plan B. Cannot believe in the age of hi technology, we are so reliant on one mast. God help us when the electric car takes over.

  5. Now August 27th still nothing at Stokesley kirklevington keeps going off and only can pick up a few channels Boris get your finger out send in the army bet the legal wrangle is the farmer saying how much money are you giving me

  6. I live in postcode DL15 0LX and not getting every station including BBC 1 and 2 and Sky News 233
    or GB Channel. It’s driving me mad having to put up with all the pixilation constantly disrupting
    most channels. Lots unavailable.
    Agree with contributor Ian Moore, surely Arqiva must have thought they might need a Plan B.
    I am certainly expecting compensation from all this chaos and irritation.

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