Arqiva give an update on Bilsdale Transmitter

11 August 2021

Arqiva have given a brief update on the way forward following the fire at the Bilsdale Transmitter near Northallerton.

The transmitter transmits ITV Tyne Tees and BBC North East and Cumbria to parts of the North East. It was build in 1969 and provides Freeview TV and radio to around 1million people.

See Further update from Arqiva on Bilsdale transmitter, some TV and Radio now restored

A spokesperson for Arqiva said:

Following the incident at Bilsdale yesterday (10/08/21) our teams continue to work with the emergency services to ensure the safety of the site.

We have started the process to gradually restore services using a combination of temporary structures and existing infrastructure elsewhere in the region, and will be moving through this process as quickly and safely as possible.

We will continue to share updates as we have them.


    • Freeview/Arqiva aren’t responsible for the TV license, that’s a separate thing and you would have to contact them about that.

  1. There is no excuse for the lack of updates. This is a lesson that needs to be learned from network rail. Keeping your customers informed should be a priority-and yes when can we expect a refund of our television licences?

    • Freeview/Arqiva aren’t responsible for the TV license, that’s a separate thing and you would have to contact them about that.

      • I think they might be responsible for a lack of updates though. It should be possible to type in a postcode to find out if an area is likely to be fixed soon, or at least if it has been fixed and tv needs retuning.

  2. This is one reason why sitesike this should have 24/7 staffing and not just 1 person but a crew this sort of thing could have been prevented then .

  3. We still haven’t got the telly back on its be four days now don’t when going be back cause there is no up date to let people know what going on it 1 day or 2 day so pig sick .

  4. surly the building should be fire proof in this day and age even though its and old building—-fire proofing would have caused all this unnessary hassle

  5. Still suffering inconvenience of no TV. Very little information received. Rumours are it was a fire in a building but how did that manage to destroy a 900 ft mast. Is the transmitter at pontop the same design. A fire in an unattended building should have had automatic fire suppression. Clearly the building didn’t or it didn’t work. The whole thing has shoestring written all over it. We need some serious updates through local media.

  6. County Durham is as usual left out in the cold for anything being done.we are now a whole month without tv while all the stops are being pulled for North Yorkshire and Teeside. Aqiva sound to me like a very tin pot firm who need to be sacked and replaced by someone who could do better.

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