Anna Lockwood & Georgie Simpson Directors Tiger fifty 7
Georgie Simpson & Anna Lockwood Directors

Tiger Fifty 7 supports good mental health in young people – it maybe just a t-shirt, but it represents much more

HG Kids are t-shirts for adults and young people, raising money for Wellspring, but also trying to open more of a debate.

The government’s focus and most schools focus has been to put a focus around the lost academic time, with little extra attention being given to emotional wellbeing of our young people.

Schools have received budget money to provide extra hours of tuition, often extending their school day. There unfortunatly hasn’t been the same commitment to mental health and happy young people.

Some months ago, we questioned Stuart Carlton, corporate director of children and young people’s service, what extra mental health support was being provided for young people, the response in that he said that children are happiest when they are reaching their target.

  • Tiger 57 on Cold Bath Road are fundraising for Wellspring Therapy & Training
  • Selling fabulous T-Shirts “HG Kids” in aid of young people’s/ children’s mental health
  • £10 is donated to Wellspring for every T-shirt sold
  • They come in all sizes, including adults!

Tiger Fifty 7 is children’s store on the Cold Bath Road in Harrogate. They sell clothes, toys and lots of other things for children.

Georgie Simpson and Anna Lockwood are joint Directors.

Georgie said:

I have children at Harrogate Grammar school and Georgie has children at Rossett.

Many kids have been struggling before lockdown, and over lockdown it has massively escalated.

It has all become a bit of blur with homeschooling, first they were in, then were out, then in again!

Sometimes you can wonder why children have worries, they don’t have bills to pay, they don’t have a mortgage, but their worries are different, and as they are growing up their worries are massive. It can be easy to look at something and think that something affecting them isn’t such a massive issue, but to them it is.

Because of the kids shops we have mums coming in all the time, and both myself and Anna are very social.

We often chat and have talked to people over the months. Before covid, we even had a stall where people could sit on, get some biscuits and team. Some even had a little cry.

It has been like a therapy class!

Because we have a lot of mums coming in, and we are very open, many were very happy to share their stories about their kids.

They would tell us that many couln’t work the zoom calls, struggling with concentration, not nowing what they should be doing, lots of things. That made us very aware of how hard kids were taking it.

They are all struggling in different ways.

We are hearing more issues with kids than we are than we hearing about cancer. Everyone you talk to seems to be struggling with their kids, much more than they are struggling with covid.

We had a light bulb moment, we got excited, we made a few designs, got in contact with Wellspring Therapy & Training in Starbeck. We knew we’d found a charity we could stand proudly beside.

The jigsaw pieces finally came together – HG Kids.

HG Kids Tees for kids and adults in 4 designs- funky, current and edgy.

Georgie said:

Help support us support them. You can help us make a difference by proudly wearing a “HG Kids” tee and know this will help change a life for the better.

The HG Kids Tess are being sold in support of Wellspring Therapy and Training. They offer support for both adults and a youth service for people aged 4 to 18. Fees are based on a range, depending on the ability to pay, and they are a registered charity.

Fees can be as low as £5 per session for those on benefits, and it is possible to sponsor sessions at the service in Starbeck.

Anna Lockwood & Georgie Simpson Directors, Tiger Fifty 7
Georgie Simpson & Anna Lockwood


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