Ellie Warburtons pop-up shop in Harrogate

26 May 2021

The Warburtons bakery brand are opening Ellie Warburton Cakes at a pop-up shop on James Street in Harrogate.

They offer a  range of premium sweet treats, available exclusively from pop-up shops in Skipton and Harrogate – eight flavours including Espresso Brownie and Lemon with Blackberry Compote.

Warburtons  is already well known range of bakery products including bread, bagels and crumpets. This new brand builds on the family businesses 145-year heritage.

The launch is initially on a trial basis, with the Harrogate pop-up opening on 4 June and the Skipton on 28 May. Both will be open throughout the summer and will be followed by a national launch in June where consumers will be able to order the cakes online for delivery direct to their home.

Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburtons, said:

We are thrilled to introduce the Ellie Warburtons range of deliciously indulgent cakes.

This is an exciting new venture for our family business and we are taking very much an entrepreneurial approach to how we build the brand while bringing with us the core of Warburtons  ethos – quality and taste.

I hope that a slice of Ellie Warburtons will become a firm favourite with families up and down the country – my slice of choice is the Espresso Brownie!


  1. Good, However James st is let down Badly by the following, 1/Discount store with £3 duvets in window(Next old store,) 2/windows above all stores(, rotten frames, pealing paint, 3/terrible planters.
    Cambridge Street, 1/run down stores, Mobile phone, vapour shops2/Every, yes every shop facade, old pealing paint, roten frames, 2/very uneven flagstones, standing water, terrible planters.
    3/Station parade, 1/Subway store(now closed) run down, covered in bird excrement, etc.
    Cambridge Crescent, 1/opposite McDonald’s, empty rundown old post office.

    There are so many issues, not being looked at, yet what do we see, 1pop up shop, Harrogate gateway etc.

  2. I agree entirely with Darren. What a mess. Half the planters are now dead or been moved about. Pigeons and pigeon mess is rife. How can anyone buy food from greggs with pigeon flying in their face or at their feet. Quite foul ! Harrogate has got to do better than this. It’s totally uninviting.

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