Tyler Reeton
Tyler Reeton

Meet Tyler Reeton your Labour Party candidate for the Bilton by-election

22 April 2021

Tyler is 19-years-old and wants to bring a fresh face to local politics by standing in the by-election for the Bilton and Nidd Gorge county council seat.

Part of his manifesto will be tackle antisocial behaviour in the area and to re-establish a community event, similar to the Bilton Gala.

Tyler said:

I have decided to stand in this seat as after co-founding the Bilton Community Group Facebook page and then being contacted by many local residents. Bilton has lost some of its sense of community, partly due the covid lockdowns, and I wanted to give something back to a community that had given me so much.

I grew up in household that was quiet determined and quiet passionate about politics. But as I grew older my views changed around being in politics.

My decision to run in politics was because I felt people wanted me to. But I have a  knowledge of the local area and the local people and my aim is to make a real difference, rather than to be in politics as a career move.

Antisocial behaviour in Bilton is hotly discussed topic on social media, and will form part of his manifesto.

Tyler said:

There are a few issues I am campaigning on, but the big one is antisocial behaviour.

I believe we need to create a warning system so it doesn’t spiral out of control and I would create a forum between the police, council and the public.

There will be monthly reports and work with many of the local groups.

I think we can be tough on antisocial behaviour and also use CCTV.

People need to see a positive change on antisocial behaviour and that can be from a collective effort.

Community spirit is a further area that Tyler wants to improve, something that he says has lessened due to lockdown.

Tyler said:

The Bilton Gala was a big loss to the Bilton Community and bought a lot of visitors into the area. I would look at using my locality budget to develop a new event that helped create a positive change to the area.

An event would help draw people together, help the local economy, and help develop a sense of community.

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