The Two Tech Investments Set To Make The Future A Better Place 

It could be said that many of us think about ways that we can invest in our own futures. Following what has been a rather challenging year for many reading this and beyond, we are confident that more people are considering what ways they can invest in their futures as we move forward.

However, with numerous options available on how, where, and when to invest, it appears somewhat overwhelming to some people and can be challenging to get your head around if you are new to this type of thing. If this is the case for you, and you are considering how you can make the future a better place through investment or are wondering what to invest in for your own future, you have found yourself in the right place.

Compiled below is a list of tech investments that could be made in 2021 and beyond, set to make the future a better place. Keep reading to find out more and learn about investments that have gradually increased in popularity over time due to how they may contribute to making the world a better place.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

For those reading this who are avid gamers in their spare time, these are terms that you are most probably familiar with. If this is not the case for you, however, do not worry yourself, for we will run through them for you.

Virtual Reality (VR) is defined as a simulated experience that features 3D objects or environments. Essentially, the same things that you would see in real life are generated by a computer.

The items created through computer programmes can be interacted with in a similar way to which you would interact with them in a real-life scenario.

Augmented Reality (AR) works similarly but is flipped in a certain way. Rather than incorporating the person into the computer-generated image or environment, the images will be superimposed on a user’s view of the world, generally through a smartphone screen. Like that of Virtual Reality, users can engage with the superimposed image as well.

Concerning how these technologies will change the future and make it a better place, there are several ways that this could happen. Many believe that VR could change the way that we travel and partake in other activities in the future; VR could eliminate the need to make unnecessary trips to different places, instead allowing you to view what you need to through computer-generated imaging.

By investing in technology such as this, you are working to combat the effects of long-haul flights and related travel on the planet. Thus, making the future a better place for all as a result.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is something that we are confident many reading this uses in their everyday lives. Developments of AI have come about as a result of investment from numerous figures around the world.

Investopedia defines AI as the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think and act the way humans would. This term can also be used to label machines that conduct problem-solving tasks and other related activities.

AI is used for numerous platforms, devices, and services, including Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. Voice-activated devices such as these recognise how our voices work and use algorithms to create a response.

There are a few ways that people think that AI could impact how the future world may appear. These can include positive impacts on the environment, contributing to the sustainability of ecosystems and more.

AI roads are also being introduced in some countries around the world. Of which, the algorithm would monitor the number of cars that are in one place at one time.

Many believe that this type of Artificial Intelligence will help lower congestion levels that are seen in some areas, which will ultimately reduce the rates of air pollution in areas where this system is being implemented.

Having fewer cars on the roads as a result of AI is sure to contribute towards making the future a better place for all.

Many people worldwide are investing in AI as a technology, as they recognise the benefits that it could have for the future. These people include the likes of Tej Kohli and Mark Cuban.

While Kohli has been a leading Technologist for some time, and has invested his time, money, and effort into the development of Machine Learning and AI technology, Cuban works – and invests – in a similar manner and has done so for some time.

Kohli has spent his time investing in projects around the world, which contribute towards rebuilding communities using technologies such as Machine Learning and more.

On the other hand, when choosing to invest in a company, Cuban assesses the foundations of a business and whether AI is a part of this business foundation. He believes that AI technology will revolutionise the way businesses work and market themselves in the future. Indeed, food for thought when wanting to invest in technology that may make the future a better place.

We hope that this has been an insightful read for you and that you have a better grasp of the types of technologies that are leading us into the future in new and innovative ways.

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