Education at Harrogate Grammar School: Sociology Course

14 December 2020

Sociology studies the world around us and the society that lives in it. When you study Sociology, you study everything from human beliefs to behaviors to the ways all these affect us. It investigates all relationships between different humans, groups of people, and even institutions. Everything falls under the umbrella of sociology. It explores social classes, ethnicity, gender, their differences, and influences. Sociology is important in every area, even the ones people hardly ever relate to it, such as sports.

Studying this subject is as thrilling and interesting as it sounds. Because of the quality of education offered, many students these days wish to enroll in the Harrogate Grammar School’s sociology course.

About Harrogate Grammar School

This educational institution is based in North Yorkshire. It’s a large mixed comprehensive school run by Red Kite Learning Trust with a sixth form provision. Today, Harrogate Grammar School teaches over 1800 pupils out of which over 550 study in sixth form.

Known as one of the first designated teaching educational institutions in this country, Harrogate Grammar offers amazing opportunities to its students.

Studying Sociology at Harrogate

If you choose to study there, their Career Opportunities Sociology will educate you on many transferable skills in critical assessment and reasoning, as well as equip you with knowledge about culture and human society.

According to their Sixth Form prospectus, typical careers that sociology students pursue after obtaining a degree from this school include Journalism, Academic Research and Teaching, Media, Advertising and Consumer Research, Criminology, Social Work, Law, Probation Service, the Police, Nursing, Civil Service, Criminology, Tourism Development, and Foreign Office and NGOs.

Many sociologists over the years attempted to elaborate and understand the world around us. This is why when studying this subject, you’ll be faced with a different perspective, thrilling studies, and fierce elaborations on the state of mind of the human race.

Whenever you are tasked to create a project or write a task, this will be your essay base. You’ll need to check other people’s work on the topic, perform your research, track and evaluate people’s behaviors and movements, and so on.

Topics Covered in This Course

The course description shares some of the topics covered in year 12 and 13 of this course. Some of them include:

  • Families and households. Students attempt to discover the role of family in today’s society. They’ll learn about the impact of different family types on the modern world, the roles of males and females in families, and the reasons behind increasing divorce rates today.

  • Education. While studying this course, you’ll be able to evaluate whether it is your ethnicity, gender, social class, or your IQ that determines how you perform. You’ll learn what most affects your levels of achievement in school and in life.

  • Theory and methods. Sociologists constantly perform research, conduct interviews, create questionnaires and observe to uncover answers to such questions. This course will teach you about their methods and strategies, and how different professionals view society and the world.

For year 13, the topics are as follows:

  • Beliefs. This will allow you to explore the impact of religion on society, the reasons why people are religious and join different types of religions, etc.

  • Crime and deviance. Have you ever wondered why criminals do what they do? Sociological data and facts can help you learn about deviance, crime, and why we do it.

Values of the Course

Harrogate boasts an outstanding Sociology course tailored for students, anchored in five essential values: respect, excellence, adventure, commitment, and sociology. The course is designed to instill excellence by guiding students in analyzing ideas and concepts through diverse sociological perspectives and evaluating theories. Utilizing specialist terminology in written communication is emphasized for sociology students as per the course’s values. However, crafting assignments can be challenging, especially when facing tight deadlines. In such situations, seeking assistance becomes a viable option. If you find yourself with ample time but lacking motivation or focus, you can rejuvenate your drive by exploring quality free sociology essays and papers, easily accessible on Samplius. Samplius provides students with the opportunity to access top-notch sociology essay samples, allowing them to learn from seasoned writers and glean insights to enhance their assignments. For additional support and a wide array of resources, consider exploring, a platform that specializes in aiding students with their academic needs

Let’s check the remaining of the course values.

In sociology, respect equals tolerance to others and acknowledgment of their opinions and beliefs. Adventure refers to reading beyond specifications, recognizing the relevance of sociology, and showing an interest in social issues and world events.

Honesty is based on admitting and seeking support, as well as self-accessing your creations and work. This is essential for a good sociologist. Lastly, being a committed sociologist means that you are resilient when faced with tough concepts and tasks, and are willing to contribute toward discussions in your lessons.

Final Thoughts

If you decided that sociology is the path you wish to pursue, Harrogate is an excellent place to study this. Their values and curriculum have created some of the best sociologists around. Good luck!

Author’s Bio

Vendy Adams holds a Ph.D. degree in Sociology. She currently works as a sociology professor at a University in the UK. In addition to teaching students in her classes, Vendy creates sociological articles and research for reputable journals and online websites.

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