Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition appeals to local businesses for climate friendly news

7 December 2020


The Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition (HDCCC) would like to know how local businesses are focusing on environmental sustainability -several have successfully made parts of their operations more climate friendly.

For example, by reducing their demand for energy, using sustainable finance providers, or switching to new technologies such as smart LED or electric vehicles. A few examples of success stories shared by companies in Harrogate District are already available via www.hdccc.info. These have been collected by climate coalition partners Zero Carbon Harrogate, and the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership.

Now the climate coalition is asking for more firms in the district to tell them how they have reduced carbon emissions and what benefits they have seen from doing this. For example, many of the changes which limit damage to the climate also reduce monthly running costs and make sound economic sense.

Kirsty Hallett, Chair of Communications and Engagement for the Coalition, said: 

It is exciting that technologies are changing rapidly, meaning it has never been easier to burn less fossil fuel.

It is very encouraging to see that many local businesses have already made a conscious decision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their buildings, transport, financial arrangements and more.

We are aiming to collect as many of these good news stories as possible, to showcase the sustainable or innovative work of firms in Harrogate. Please let us know about your climate friendly changes – big or small.

What you can do:

The Coalition would like to help to celebrate your success. Please get in touch if your business has found ways to use less energy or reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

As the Coalition moves into its next stage of development, several of its sub-groups are looking for volunteers with specific skills and capacity to offer. For example, it would like to hear from people who are practiced at improving the energy efficiency and insulation of buildings. Also, whilst Covid-19 continues to prevent us from engaging with members of the public in person, the Coalition would welcome support from people with experience in digital marketing and business to business communication.

To get in touch with the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition, please visit www.hdccc.info/contact or call 01423 500600.

A local community member reads local business decarbonisation success stories on the climate coalition website from her home office whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place.

Who HDCCC are:

The Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition brings together organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors in order to champion carbon reduction throughout the Harrogate District, helping the district achieve net-zero emissions. The Coalition promotes and implements activities which engage a wide range of organisations and individuals in collaborative work to achieve this aim. Current active board members represent the following organisations: CNG Ltd, Goosemoor Organics, H&DCA, Harrogate Borough Council, Harrogate College, Harrogate District Hospital, Highways England, North Yorkshire County Council, Techbuyer UK Ltd, University of Leeds, White Rose Forest, Zero Carbon Harrogate.

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