Views wanted on banking services in Knaresborough

25 November 2020

This Friday (27 November), Harrogate Borough Council will be launching a survey asking for residents’ views on the banking services available in Knaresborough.

The borough council is carrying out the survey to fully understand what facilities the Knaresborough community would like to see in the town as well how they use banking services.

The outcome of the consultation will allow the council to have further discussion with community leaders and banking providers.

Councillor Graham Swift, Harrogate Borough Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for resources, enterprise and economic development, said:

We’re aware that the last remaining bank in Knaresborough is due to close in the coming months, leaving no banking facilities in the town.

Sadly, we can’t stop them doing so and we can’t promise anything in the future, but what we can do is put pressure on banking providers and show them that there is a need in the town. Therefore, it is essential that local residents share their views. I thank residents in advance for taking the time to do so.


Councillor Ed Darling, Knaresborough Castle ward member who raised his concerns to the borough council earlier in the year, said:

When the last branch closes it will leave a town with a population of more than 15,000 people without a bank. We want people to shop local, and we need the services and facilities for them to be able to do that. I’d like to thank the borough council for pursuing with this matter and encourage Knaresborough residents to share their views.

The consultation will be available from Friday (27 November) at: until Thursday 7 January.

The borough council is committed to investing in Knaresborough and is about to start the redevelopment of four properties acquired on the high street last year. This follows a £500,000 transformation of Conyngham Hall business centre that has recently been completed.


  1. Very inconvenient to say the least .I have health problems and since santander closed in knaresborough it’s been very stressful.

  2. It is incomprehensible that Knaresborough draws the short straw every time. It takes me just over 1hour to drive into Harrogate, park up, complete my banking and then return to Knaresborough. it’s all right measuring as far as a crow flies but my car cannot fly over others, nor can it escape the railway crossing at Starbeck. I run a business and whilst I can use the post office this is not the same as sometimes I need to talk to the people in the bank and the post office are as clueless as myself about certain banking / money issues. Also the Knaresborough post office is tiny and I can sometimes spend over 30 minutes waiting – it’s not good enough. Knaresborough is regenerating, new shops are moving in, more houses are being built so we require up to date facilities and we need to be more independent from Harrogate.

  3. It’s a disgrace that a, “Market Town”, such as Knaresborough will shortly have no banking facilities within the town.
    Banks and building societies are making millions of pounds on the backs of savers, whilst not giving any worthwhile interest rates on savings.
    They think more about lining their own pockets, paying ridiculously high salaries to its management, plus taking unrealistic bonuses each year, without a thought to their customers, who’s money is keeping them afloat.
    During the Covid19 outbreak, people have to take their chances travelling to Harrogate to receive limited services they provide, asking you to use ATM’s, taking further jobs away from their employees.
    It’s about time they were given instructions to provide services to out market town.
    Surely they could take over the empty Nat West bank and each bank could provide much needed services direct daily for each bank.
    Not a lot to ask.

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