Keep The Hammertons Green Action Group
Keep The Hammertons Green Action Group

Consultation on the new settlement in Hammerton-Cattal area of the Harrogate District has been extended

11 November 2020

Following feedback from local community groups, Harrogate Borough Council has agreed to extend a consultation on the proposed new settlement development plan document (DPD) to allow further in-depth views to be shared.

The adopted local plan identifies a broad location for a new settlement in the Green Hammerton and Cattal area of the Harrogate district.

This new settlement, of approximately 3,000 dwellings, will provide much needed quality homes as well as facilities and services such as green space, employment and public transport. As part of this process, the DPD will help shape the design and delivery of the new settlement.

The borough council are keen to receive the views of residents and community groups on whether they agree with the details of how the settlement will grow, as well as what specific requirements are needed to deliver these much needed new homes.

Following feedback from community groups, the borough council has decided to extend the consultation until 22 January so that everyone has had a chance to fully review the plans and provide in-depth feedback.

Councillor Tim Myatt
Councillor Tim Myatt

Councillor Tim Myatt, Harrogate Borough Council’s cabinet member for planning, said:

The new settlement will provide a community and much needed homes for existing and future residents of the district.

It is important that the views of local people are reflected in the DPD, including the types of properties it will include as well as the design and infrastructure requirements.

We are listening to the community, and following feedback, have decided to extend the consultation so that everyone has had enough time to fully review the plans.

We want this new settlement to be something which will serve the needs of new and existing residents. By extending the consultation and gathering further feedback we can ensure that residents and community groups have had time to provide a full response.

Residents can find out more about the proposed new settlement and complete the consultation at:


  1. It makes absolutely no difference to most people who live in Harrogate including myself where these homes are built but surely the dreaded common sense factor should apply.
    On one hand you have unspoilt land which starting from scratch would take years and years to develop causing mayhem in and around the A59 or on the other we have an old golf course lying right next to the A1 with what seems incredibly pointless and needless work already being carried out to make sure the access is better
    In my opinion this should not be a consultation but a criminal investigation so everybody can see why and who would benefit from building somewhere opposed by so many.
    A number of countries have corrupt public officials and let’s hope there are no handouts or benefits for anyone involved in this development, let us really hope it is just another case of no common sense being applied when quite simply that is all that is needed.

  2. Knaresborough and Harrogate shops and independent businesses need customers. Why are our Councillors proposing to build homes where all the residents will go to York to shop and eat out?? Can’t comment on “handouts” but I think the councillors need an IQ test.

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