Resurrected Bites

Resurrected Bites ask for lockdown food as donations – don’t let food that is no longer needed due to lockdown go to waste

4 November 2020

Resurrected Bites provides food deliveries for anyone in need of a weekly food parcel.

They rely on donations from individuals, local businesses and from supermarket warehouses produce of near-date produce.

It provides a life-line to many people that have been suffering the effects of lockdown, on themselves or family.

  • During September, they fed 800 people
  • During October, they fed 1,350 people

When lockdown happened before they received a huge increase in donations from food from businesses that could no longer use it, as they had lost their customer base.

Michelle Hayes said:

Everyday it just breaks my heart to hear the situations that people are in and how desperate people are to get food.

We appreciate every donation that we receive and are asking for two things just now.

Firstly, we had a massive influx of donations when the first lockdown happened, and we are anticipating similar this time. But think there is potentially even more food going to waste, so if you run a restaurant, café or shop and have found that you have potentially waste food coming up to the lockdown, please think of us. We will happily come and up any food.

Secondly, as demand is increasing, we are asking people to think about making a regular donation each week – if you are in a position to do that of course. We find the stock levels at our Gracious Street base in Knaresborough can get worryingly low at times.

See for drop – off points or contact Michelle on 07434 636 485 if you need them to pick food up.


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