Julian Smith MP welcomes scrutinisation of impact of animal welfare and british farming for free trade deals

3 November 2020

Julian Smith MP welcomes the government’s decision to put in law a system that means each new free trade deal will be scrutinised by parliament for its impact on animal welfare and British farming before it is ratified, as announced on 1 November https://www.gov.uk/government/news/trade-and-agriculture-commission-put-on-statutory-footing

By agreeing to place the Trade and Agriculture Commission ‘on a full statutory footing’, Julian Smith has said the government has emphasised their clear commitment that all future trade agreements will uphold our country’s high animal welfare standards, providing a stronger platform for British farmers and growers to engage in UK trade policy. Julian is encouraged by these steps, which demonstrate that the government shares his determination to ensure all future trade agreements will deliver benefits for regional farmers and food producers.

This new agreement will ensure all animal products imported into the UK under existing or future free trade deals from all trading partners will have to meet stringent food safety standards. These standards have been built up over many years and have the trust of the public on an international scale.

Julian Smith MP said:

I recognise the importance of the UK’s high standards of food production, and the unique selling point it provides for local farmers, whose high-quality produce is in demand around the world. I will continue to represent the concerns of my constituents regarding future agriculture policy.

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