Harrogate below country average for COVID-19 infections per thousand

9 October 2020

The Government is preparing to introduce a new three-tier approach to national, regional and local lockdowns.

Within North Yorkshire, Craven is the the only district above the average infections per thousand in England.

Dr Lincoln Sargeant is the director of public health for North Yorkshire:

I know that many people are making a concerted effort and I am grateful for their sacrifices but unfortunately not everyone is sticking to the guidance that we know makes the difference.

This is not about blaming or finger wagging. This is about fighting the virus, supporting our businesses, keeping our schools open and saving lives. I want to be very clear that while many people experience minor symptoms, for some residents who become infected they will sadly not recover. We will see more lives lost and I appeal again for everyone to show real restraint to help avoid that.

This weekend people may be tempted to get together or meet at pubs and other places in larger groups to socialise. Covid-19 thrives on a crowd and is easily transmitted when your guard is down. Please play your part and protect your friends and family.

The latest 7-day infections rates (number of cases per 100,000 population in last 7 days) across North Yorkshire are as follows.

  • Craven district – 152.3
  • Harrogate – 120.6
  • Hambleton – 108.1
  • Richmondshire – 100.5
  • Ryedale – 99.3
  • Selby – 91.6
  • Scarborough – 75.4

This compares to the average across England of 124.7 cases per 100,000.

Dr Sargeant continued:

Across the country cases are rising – and these latest figures show North Yorkshire is no different.  This ongoing trend of a rising number of cases is a stark reminder to us all that without action we could see a situation that’s very difficult to manage.  We all need to play our part – through good hand hygiene, face coverings and social distancing – to manage this ongoing rise in cases.


  1. It’s all a load of rubbish. This virus (if it actually exists) is only serious for people who have underlying health problems. It’s not exactly the Black Death is it? Remember when it was all about ‘flattening the curve’? Believe the propaganda at your peril.

  2. It’s hard knowing what to do or believe anymore, I don’t think the Government can do right for doing wrong, I feel really sorry for Boris Johnson, he comes under fire for not doing enough and then he’s criticised for doing too much. He has too much to deal with, with all this BLM rubbish going on too, the world’s gone mad. He’s having to deal with a lot of big mistakes made by previous governments, immigration & the terrorist loving Corbyn and the likes, being one of the biggest ones. Without that our country wouldn’t be so weighed down

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