Whole Caboodle develop revolutionary AI platform for the automotive industry


The Whole Caboodle in Harrogate have developed CaboodleCode that is  revolutionising the automotive industry with an AI platform that lets dealers know what their website visitors are doing.

The first of its kind, CaboodleCode is an artificial intelligence (AI) website that delivers tailored content together with state-of-the-art customer tracking technology to tell you who is on your site and what they are doing.

Launched during lockdown, this cutting edge platform has already helped many dealerships, with six sites live and a further nine in development. Industry giants including Google, Amazon, Facebook and the BBC use similar technology, but CaboodleCode is the world’s first AI website platform designed specifically for the automotive industry.

Karl Rahmani is Managing Director of The Whole Caboodle, a full-service digital agency based in Harrogate. He has more than 26 years’ experience in the motor industry specifically around automotive marketing.

Karl Rahmani is Managing Director of The Whole Caboodle
Karl Rahmani is Managing Director of The Whole Caboodle

Karl said:

This is the future of dealership websites. Everyone will soon be deploying AI sites; it’s the next generation platform.

Why commission a new site with yesterday’s technology, when you can have tomorrow’s technology right now? Your customers aren’t all the same, so why give them the same online experience?

When people visit the site they give each visitor a unique ID number. It then tracks and follows what visitor looks at and record things like categories, products and offers allowing a picture to be built up of what the visitor is looking for. On subsequent visits the content is tailored and favour result of searches to match what our algorithm believes is relevant to the visitor.

The system essentially takes a digital fingerprint of the customers’ browser and matches that on each visit. So when a user revisits the  the personalisation makes the journey more beneficial for everybody. It can ask questions such as “Welcome back are you looking to buy for yourself today or buying a gift? Because if you are buying for yourself we can show you things in your size” – as an example.

Tailored content is proven to increase conversions by around 20%, so everyone wins; the customer gets a better online experience and the retailer increases sales.

Karl said:

Through the intelligent use of data tracking, analysis and content-tailoring algorithms, CaboodleCode influences what the customer sees. It displays relevant content to each visitor making the site easier to navigate, increasing conversions and lowering marketing costs. And the hard work doesn’t stop there.

CaboodleCode’s unique insight focuses all future communications to ensure messages and offers are properly personalised. This is done automatically and is built into the core capabilities of the site. CaboodleCode has a user-friendly, real-time lead centre that uses a visitor quality scoring system that can identify “just browsing” and “in-market customers”. And, incredibly, it also identifies each visitor by name! You can see a visitor’s entire viewing history, most recent search parameters, and all the vehicles they have viewed. Flags can also be set to alert a dealer when a chosen customer returns to the site and allows dynamic relevant digital interventions to be implemented, such as special offer roadblocks or price reductions alerts while browsing.

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