How to Prepare a Second-hand Car for Your Child’s 17th Birthday Present

If you are buying your child a second-hand car for their birthday present, there may be a few issues with it that you will have to address. Buying a car for your child will encourage them to be more independent, and when they have reached the legal age to learn how to drive, it will also motivate them to take driving lessons in order to pass their test and drive safely. It is such an extravagant present that your child will never forget, so here’s how to prepare a second-hand car for your child’s birthday.

Get an MOT Test and Service

To make sure the car is safe and functioning properly, it is a good idea to get it fully serviced and to have an MOT carried out. An MOT is a test that has to be done to check if the car is safe to be on the roads. A service is to check the car more thoroughly and can include replacing parts to make the car run smoother, to be fully safe and reliable. Some garages include a full service plus MOT package that may allow you to save some money.

Number Plate

If the second-hand car you bought needs replacement plates, or if you just decide to push the boat out, why not treat your child to a custom number plate? You can use companies like Number 1 Plates, who will make sure that your number plate is made to a superb high-quality finish and is 100% legal to drive on the roads with. You can buy number plates here, choose what you want written on them, the size, the material and so forth. You can completely alter the number plate for your child. They will love it!

Sat Nav

Buying a sat nav for your child is so important if you think they may be taking slightly longer journeys at times. It is also better than using Google Maps on a phone because there is a chance that they may be distracted if a notification or call pops up. Make sure to really let your child know that it is illegal to be on their phones whilst driving. They can turn their notifications off or switch to aeroplane mode, or simply turn their phone on silent so that they cannot be distracted by it at all. Also, they need to know to get the sat nav working before they start driving, so make sure it is all set up and ready to go before they set off.

Whether you are buying the car for your child’s birthday or as a present to celebrate them passing their test, it is a present that they will never forget. However, you should make sure to carry out all of the necessary safety checks so that the car is reliable and can run smoothly. Driving is a key part of their life as they slowly make their way into adulthood, so buying them a car allows your child to feel that little bit more independent.

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