Students prepare to receive final GCSE grades


Tomorrow, students will receive GCSE results from their schools which will contain their final grades and allow them to move on to the next phase of their lives with confidence.

The results they will be awarded will be centre assessment grades – ones which teachers felt their students would have achieved if this summer’s exams taken place – but they will be awarded their calculated grades from the exam boards if those are higher.

School leavers who received their A or AS level results last Thursday are also currently being reissued with their teacher assessed grades, unless the standardised results from the exam boards awarded higher grades, following the Government and Ofqual announcement earlier this week.

The Government has removed temporary student number controls which had been introduced for the coming academic year, to help students progress to higher education, but schools in North Yorkshire will continue to provide support to A-level students still in need of advice or support on their university applications.

Stuart Carlton, Corporate Director of Children and Young People’s Services said:

As a county, we traditionally perform well at GCSE, with a higher than average portion of students attaining good grades and welcome this week’s decision on exam grading announced by the Government and Ofqual.

We know schools in North Yorkshire worked hard on producing assessed grades for their students, looking at the mock exam results and course work as well as non-assessed work such as homework and class work and will have focused on producing fair and accurate results.

We thank students for their perseverance over what has been an unsettling few months and hope young people in North Yorkshire can now look ahead to embarking on the next steps in their life with some optimism.

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