5 Best Trading Apps in the UK

Regardless if you are an experienced investor or if you decided to buy shares for the first time and invest some of your savings, you need to do good research before making any move. After all, every penny counts and although there is a lot of risks involved, you must make sure that you find the best trading platform according to your wishes and plans.

The UK is known for the number of investments and there are plenty of trading platforms where you can invest your money, but not all of them will fit your needs. Some trading platforms are designed to attract one targeted audience. There are specific apps that are designed for beginners, for people that like to invest in the US market, etc.

We decided to bring all of them in one place and create a list of the 5 best trading apps in the UK. Each one is known for its reputation and excellence. We would also like to mention that these picks are our personal and it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do some research by yourself. Let’s check them out.


eToro is probably the most popular and most reputable trading app in the UK. The reason why this app is loved by so many brokers and investors is that it brings a social side to the investments. You can ask any questions that you would like to know about trades, thus gaining knowledge in the process. eToro is free to use, has no trade limits, and it’s known for its huge range of stocks.

Of course, the app has certain disadvantages like a very detailed verification process and the trading platform can sometimes be confusing, but if you pay attention and give it some time to learn everything, you will overcome them. Even though eToro is the first pick for many people who are willing to invest money, make sure you read more info on the best trading apps the UK because you don’t want to rush things whenever money is involved.

Hargreaves Lansdown

With over 1 million clients today, Hargreaves Lansdown is among the top picks of numerous categorizations of the best trading apps in the UK. It was founded in 1981 and many people consider this app as their top choice due to the thorough and rich market analysis. That same feature is what made us feature Hargreaves Lansdown on our list as well.

When we compared Hargreaves Lansdown with its competitors, we noticed that the fees are a bit higher, which is the only disadvantage that this app has, but it is well worth it.


Numerous guides and tools can help you make the best choices when using Fidelity. This app also has plenty of funds, ETFs and shares to choose from. Fidelity has topped the list in the ‘ease-of-use’ category and that is why it deserves a mention on our list as well. Because young people are not the only ones that use smartphones, creating apps that are simple and easy to use has become a necessity – one that Fidelity has mastered.


AvaTradeGo is known for its simplicity and it’s extremely easy to master. The best feature that this trading app has is its risk management tool. AvaProtect is there to make sure that the clients’ trades are protected from market risk. There is a small initial fee involved, but by using AvaProtect, people can specify times when they can keep their trades safe.


easyMarkets is an app that has surprised many users who stated that it works much better than anticipated. With that being said, it is worth noting that easyMarkets has acquired numerous positive reviews from clients. Although the app is facing some minor complaints like slower load time than usual, it does work extremely well. Once you open the app, you jump into Tutorial Mode right away. The providers want to help you set up and learn the basics before venturing in the trading world.

Some of the best features that easyMarkets has to offer are reliability, top-notch account management, great support, and live price notifications.

Each investor has its strategies and preferences, which is why it is crucial to pick the perfect trading app, one that fits your individual needs.

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