Penning a poem on National Thank a Teacher Day

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Pupils and parents at a have penned a poem to thank their teachers for their lockdown learning on national ‘Thank A Teacher Day’ (Wednesday 20 May 2020)

has been running a structured programme of remote learning. As well as the core subjects of English and maths, the weekly timetable has incorporated PE, drama, music, art, ICT, French, history, geography and well-being. The has had weekly virtual assemblies, well-being meetings and book clubs hosted by Headmistress Mrs Sophia Ashworth Jones.

To show their appreciation, parents and pupils at BGS have joined together to create a colourful poem to say thanks to their teachers and to sto the NHS and key workers across the UK.

Chair of Belmont Grosvenor PTA Mrs Kristin Klauser, said:

Shortly after lockdown, a parent in my son’s year suggested making colourful ‘thank yous’ for the Year 1 teachers. I thought it would be lovely if we could extend this to the whole school, as parents from other years had similar ideas, so all the children could say ‘thank you’ to their dedicated teachers, as well as thanking the wider community including the NHS, key workers, and those on the front line.

Kristin and I bounced some ideas off each other and we came up with this poem, as it expresses everything in our BGS families’ hearts at the moment.

Parents feel extremely grateful with the way Belmont Grosvenor has dealt with, and continues to deal with, this crisis. Our children have continued to receive the highest standard of education, albeit at home. Their lessons have been inspiring, the teachers are always available for comment/feedback and we all still feel very much part of the Belmont Grosvenor family.

We wanted to say thank you and extend our thanks to the wider community, the NHS and key workers, for continuing to work to keep us all safe.

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Mrs Emma Shea, Deputy Head at Belmont Grosvenor School, said:

The feedback we have received from parents has been fantastic, really positive, and makes us feel that we are doing the best we can to continue our pupils’ learning during this challenging time.

Parents are not teachers, and they tell us that they are really enjoying the prompt dialogue and feedback provided by our BGS staff to make sure their children are on the right track with their work.

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