Small companies could benefit from Harrogate resident’s trailblazing

24 March 2020

The School of Management at the University Bradford has just announced it can access funds that will cover 95% of an employee’s MBA. The Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship (SLMDA) is a part of the Apprenticeship Scheme that has recently created a new funding route, in addition to the one available for larger, levy-paying organisations.

Applicants to the scheme must be able to start in April 2020. This funding applies to non-levy paying employers with an annual salary bill of less than £3m.

Professor Weerakkody,  Deputy Dean for the School commented:

The UK is 19% below the average for productivity for G7 countries. One reason for this is the absence of leadership development. Smaller companies are the majority employer in the UK and this scheme provides an excellent opportunity to invest in your staff.

Ruth Mann is from Harrogate and is STRI’s Head of Research, based in Bingley
Ruth Mann is from Harrogate and is STRI’s Head of Research, based in Bingley

Ruth Mann is from Harrogate and is STRI’s Head of Research, based in Bingley. Ruth recently qualified from the MBA course said:

I would fully recommend taking advantage of this excellent MBA course. I choose Bradford as it holds the triple-crown accreditation and provided weekend teaching blocks so the impact on my daily operations was minimal. The modular method of delivery, teaching support and the wealth of expertise among my fellow students made the whole experience rewarding and enjoyable. As a result of the course I have already implemented some changes at work which have improved efficiency, profitability and team cohesiveness.


Lee Penrose, STRI Group director, said:

Encouraging our employees to develop through further education supports STRI’s long-term strategic vision of delivering sustainable future services, and this funding programme will make it possible for many more SMEs to support their staff. We have always used Bradford School of Management extension services, such as the Knowledge Transfer Network and the Summer Experience internship programme, and have found them all to be extremely useful.

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