Assistant Chief Constable Mike Walker: “Take care and remember we are here for you”

20 March 2020

As the affects of the Coronavirus protection measures take hold, North Yorkshire Police say they appreciate that many people will be worried and anxious.

North Yorkshire Police want to reassure the communities of North Yorkshire and the City of York that we are still here for you.

Assistant Chief Constable Mike Walker is leading the local policing response to the outbreak which includes extensive planning and monitoring to ensure we maintain policing services across the county:

North Yorkshire Police has plans in place to maintain policing services across the county and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the organisation.

The position is reviewed daily and although the situation has been business as usual, we expect this to alter over the coming weeks. At the moment the public won’t see a difference in policing in the county other than increased hygiene practices, protective equipment if necessary and other practical measures taken to protect our workforce. However, this may change over the coming weeks and plans are in place to respond to what is a rapid and fast-moving situation.

We continue to work with our partners in local authorities, including North Yorkshire County Council, the City of York Council, other emergency services, national police colleagues, the Government and Public Health.

We know the communities of York and North Yorkshire will look after each other and that’s the message from all of us at North Yorkshire Police, please take care, look after one another, particularly the vulnerable, and keep up to date with the Government’s advice. And remember we are here for you if you need us.


  1. So pray tell why has he set up road blocks to stop drivers ???. he and the police DO NOT have or have been given the power to stop people in their cars but he has gone ahead. You are still aloud to drive your car if you need to get somewhere .Isnt creating road blocks just making matters worse or has someone just gone on a power boost and using what the goverment said and twisting it to fit what he thinks it is. Plenty of NHS staff have already said if they are stopped and delayed they are going on social mediaabout him.

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