Kerry Goodwin of Moorcroft
Kerry Goodwin of Moorcroft

Moorcroft showcase new designs at Goldsborough Hall

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Moorcroft are showcasing new snowdrop-inspired designs from , today and on Saturday, 22 February 2020.

Kerry Goodwin is the Designer behind the new pieces. They have been inspired by snowdrops growing in the grounds of the Hall.

Kerry Goodwin said:

The designs are inspired by snowdrops growing in gardens of , with designs such a Mrs Thompson and Goldsborough.

When we look at a new design, it takes about 3-weeks to go from the idea to the first trial piece.

The production process is lengthy too, with the pottery first being dried for 3 days, before being painted. They are then fired twice, the final firing being a liquid glass glaze. If a design has gold or silver they are fired twice.

It’s lovely to come to such a beautiful place as Goldsborough Hall and meet some of our regular collectors and  some new faces.


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