Largest gathering of UK podiatrists takes place in Harrogate

27 November 2019

Last week, between 21 – 23 November, podiatrists from across the UK and further afield attended the College of Podiatry’s Annual Conference and Exhibition at Harrogate Convention Centre. Over 1,200 foot and lower-limb specialists came together to share new approaches to further foot and lower limb care.

On Thursday, the College of Podiatry was welcomed to the town by the Mayor of Harrogate, Stuart Martin. Attendees were also joined by British scientist and renowned television presenter Professor Robert Winston, who explained how walking on two feet became a unique achievement for humankind in his keynote speech. The conference was opened by Lord Roy Kennedy of Southwark, the President of the College of Podiatry.

Podiatrists are specialists in diagnosing and treating foot, ankle and lower-leg conditions. They work across the NHS and private practice, specialising in a variety of areas such as forensics, sport injuries, paediatric podiatry and podiatric surgery.

Podiatrists play a critical role in the discovery, management and treatment of common health conditions in the UK including diabetes and related foot ulcers, vascular disease, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These skills can result in earlier diagnosis and treatment to prevent surgeries and amputations that can have a devastating impact on the lives of patients, as well as costing the NHS millions.

Steve Jamieson, Chief Executive of the College of Podiatry, commented:

I’m delighted to see so many podiatrists from across the UK and further afield join us in Harrogate last week.

Events like this are essential to the growth of our profession, offering an opportunity for us all to come together to learn from experiences, share innovation and research and discuss the future of podiatry.

In the midst of political uncertainty and NHS cuts, we undeniably face many challenges, yet it’s clear our members remain committed and passionate about providing patients with the best possible care.


Harrogate Convention Centre director, Paula Lorimer said:

It was wonderful to see the Convention Centre’s auditorium bustling with so many leading medical professionals.

When experts in their field come together like this in one place to share knowledge and experience it can lead to major breakthroughs in science and medicine.

It’s a real privilege for us to host associations like the College of Podiatry.

I hope all the delegates had a fantastic time in Harrogate and we’d love to see you again soon.


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