Kingsley Road, Harrogate
Kingsley Road, Harrogate

Council take enforcement action to deal with mud on Kingsley Road

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say they are taking enforcement action on developers to make them clean up the mud that has been deposited on Kingsley Road in .

The area has a number of developers that are well underway with building works in the area.

Area Manager Melisa Burnham said:

County Council officers are continuing to work with ’s enforcement team in connection with compliance issues relating to mud on the road from three development sites in the Kingsley Road area in .

We are monitoring the situation and are continuing to liaise with the developers.

We are asking the developers to improve their efforts cleaning mud from vehicles leaving the sites, and where necessary, utilise road sweepers on Kingsley Road.

It should also be noted that the recent wet weather is making conditions difficult at many construction sites in the county.


A Harrogate Borough Council spokesman said:

Following repeated requests to the developers to improve their efforts in cleaning vehicles leaving the site and sweeping the road to prevent excess mud, we are now taking appropriate enforcement action to deal with this ongoing issue.


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