Winksley Grove
Winksley Grove

Further incidents of arson in the Jennyfields area of Harrogate

5 October 2019

Three cars have been set alight in what are believed to be further arson attacks in the Jennyfields area of Harrogate.

Friday, 27 September 2019 – Lindrick Way, a car was set alight

Overnight on Saturday, 28 September 2019 – Winksley Grove, 2 cars were set alight (pictured)

Winksley Grove
Winksley Grove

Talking to a local resident, who has asked to remain anonymous:

These two cases were definitely arson. The locals know the people involved and names have been given to other residents.

These arson attacks started in May, when the primary school was torched and have carried on since then.

A pensioners hedge was set alight around two months ago, then the Styan centre.

Then it was followed by the thee cars last weekend.

The authorities are trying their hardest to keep this quiet.

There’s a lot of new builds going up around these parts and the UCI last weekend, trying to hide the crime rate and it’s not just Jennyfields, Bilton seems almost as bad.

North Yorkshire Police were unable to find details of the recent incidents when we questioned them on Friday, 4 October 2019.

See Harrogate woman in her 80’s has 8-metres of hedge set on fire in arson attack

Out of growing concern a community meeting has been convened. This is a meeting open to all and we understand that Andrew Jones MP and Julia Mulligan the Police and Fire Commissioner have now confirmed attendance.

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