PC Dave Minto at Harrogate Hospital
PC Dave Minto at Harrogate Hospital

Police officer left with broken leg after responding to incident


A police constable has been left with a broken leg after he responded to an incident, just before midnight on the 31 July 2019 in Boroughbridge.

  • During 2017/18 there were 8,181 assaults with injury against UK police officers or 22 each day

Traffic Constable, Dave Minto, attended the incident and received the serious injury of a fracture to his fibula and tibia. He was left in severe pain, but other officers were quickly on the scene and made an arrest.

PC Minto was taken to Harrogate hospital and kept in overnight. A temporary cast was applied to allow the swelling to reduce and a solid cast will be fitted.

The fracture to PC MInto
The fracture to PC Minto

PC Minto is now recuperating at home and is in good spirit.. He gave his thanks to the staff at Harrogate Hospital and said that he will be off work for several months – an orthopaedic boot fitted, once the cast is removed.


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