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Harrogate Borough Council say there is a rush to lay new tarmac in congestion problem, but offer no new ideas


Harrogate Borough Council has formally responded to the Harrogate Congestion Study.

This is the corporate response from Harrogate Borough Council and not a response that has been voted on by the elected councillors.

In their response:

  • HBC have accused NYCC in having a rush to lay new tarmac
  • They believe junction changes could have a significant impact, although NYCC/ WSP consultants have said they reached the limit of benefit of those changes would benefit the town
  • HBC call for work that is already included in the congestion study options, such as improved cycling infrastructure 
  • A letter from HBC to NYCC puts forwards its own options, cutting across the work of NYCC

In a letter to Councillor Don Mackenzie, NYCC’s executive member for access, Harrogate Borough Council explains it does not support the idea of a new relief road.

To see HBC’s response click here

HBC has called for investment in sustainable transport measures, particularly those focussed on dedicated cycling infrastructure and public transport improvements – both these are in the two NYCC Congestion study options.

The letter also acknowledges a potential future need for demand management, but makes it clear the council does not favour any congestion charge as set out in the NYCC consultation.

HBC says it believes there is potential to unlock road capacity by improving some junctions across the district, similar to a recent scheme in Knaresborough. NYCC is the Highways Authority and has previously said that they have reached the limit of what junction changes will do the town and that it would be “tweaking”

The letter says that Harrogate Borough Council is committed to working with the county council to tackle congestion in the two towns.

It suggests a proactive action plan should be developed with the private sector which would bring the biggest benefits to the future of sustainable transport.

The council’s submission to the study includes a series of short, medium and long-term measures which it believes have the potential to reduce congestion.

It also offers to support the county council’s work to prepare a strategic transport policy for Harrogate and Knaresborough.

The letter acknowledges the fact new road infrastructure may be required in future if investment in sustainable transport does not encourage enough people out of their cars and onto two wheels, public transport or walking.

Councillor Phil Ireland, cabinet member for sustainable transport, said:

Based on the evidence I’ve seen, I do not support the idea of a relief road.

Instead of rushing to lay down new tarmac, there should be greater investment in measures which encourage people out of their cars.

New cycling infrastructure and improved public transport – along with changes to some junctions – will help tackle the congestion which blights Knaresborough and Harrogate.

It will also help us realise our ambitions on carbon reduction and climate change.

I believe a joint approach with us, the county council, other transport authorities and the private sector will have the maximum benefit.


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  1. Just look at Nottingham to see what ‘cycling infrastructure’ does for congestion – makes it far worse!

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