Skipton Road in Harrogate
Skipton Road in Harrogate

Businesses urged to provide views on congestion


BUSINESSES are being urged to add to their points of view to the thousands already collected on congestion in Harrogate and Knaresborough.

Harrogate and Knaresborough are thriving towns with aspirations for continued economic growth. They also attract thousands of visitors, with many businesses benefiting from the tourism, leisure and conference economy.

North Yorkshire County Council is now reminding the business community to take part in the online survey and let them know if congestion is having an impact on existing businesses and their opportunities for growth.

David Bowe, Corporate Director Business and Environmental Services said:

It was the business community which prompted us to revisit the issue of congestion around Harrogate.

We received a number of communications from businesses actually saying that the amount of congestion in Harrogate was having an adverse effect on their ability to trade, access customers and indeed access staff.

We really need input from businesses themselves. We want to know their views so we would ask businesses in the Harrogate and Knaresborough area to fill in the survey and give us this information because it is vital to us.

Sandy Needham, Chief Executive of the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce added:

Transporting people and goods about are really important issues for businesses. But we don’t know what issues businesses have which are particular to them; it might depend on whether they are in the town centre, in Knaresborough, or in one of the business parks.

The issues are different – and it does depend whether you’re manufacturing goods and moving them around or whether you’re more concerned about your people getting to work – so we’re very much in listening mode and want to feed into this consultation.

The Chamber aims to support continued economic growth, so we would encourage people to give their views on whether they think measures are needed to relieve congestion in Harrogate and Knaresborough.

The more people fill in the survey, the more information the council will have to help shape future plans for travel in the towns.

Mr Bowe urged everyone – businesses, residents and other interested parties – to ensure they had contributed their views before the consultation ended on 8 July.

Mr Bowe said:

I would like to emphasise that this is an open study, we are not trying to influence any outcome.

We genuinely want to know people’s views about the different options and opportunities that exist in trying to reduce congestion.

This isn’t a one-agenda issue for the Authority, we just want to know people’s views.

Please fill in the survey at before 8 July.


  1. The congestion in the area is down to mega amounts of roadworks.
    On visiting Toronto they have same issue because of roadworks.
    I’m against the bypass.

  2. It would be an act of vandalism to build a road through Nidd Gorge, the congestion in Harrogate is no worse than any other town. We have to accept that if we want to drive in town at peak times then it will be slow going, this is the same anywhere. Things are worse at the moment due to the large Yorkshire Water project which is causing lots of roadworks and temporary traffic lights, but the keyword here is temporary. I also find it worrying that NYCC seem to be placing “is Harrogate congested?” signs at all the places where there are roadworks, making me wonder if they are trying to sway the vote in favour of a YES answer

  3. Leeds centre has more traffic than Harrogate and is a thriving shopping centre. A relief road will do nothing for Harrogates traders and will not remove traffic from the town centre. I visited Harrogate centre on Monday and i have to say that the area felt flat and uninviting.
    The traders need to start thinking outside the box on how they can attract business rather than waiting for the panacea of another road, because sadly for them, it won’t work.

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