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Remain campaigners want support for “Put it to the People” march but leave campaigners say it is now more about the future of democracy


Leave campaigners say that 17 coaches have been booked from Yorkshire for the ‘Put it to the People’ march in London this Saturday.

Coaches will be traveling from Leeds, Sheffield, York, Wakefield, Hull, Huddersfield, Harrogate and Ripon for the march, which is expected to attract of thousands of supporters from across the country.

Among coach passengers from Yorkshire will be Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Angela Smith – who quit the Labour party last month to join the Independent group – and Lord Newby, from Ripon, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords. Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield will also be joining the march.

The Huddersfield coach is being sponsored by the actor Sir Patrick Stewart, from Mirfield, West Yorkshire, who said recently he was “alarmed, concerned and scared” about the Government’s Brexit plans.

On Thursday two Sheffield campaigners, Jane Thomas and Joanne Chapman, will be setting off from the city on their bicycles on Thursday morning so they can arrive in London in time for the march.

North Yorkshire for Europe chair Richard Sadler said:

After 3 years of utter chaos in our country, people are saying enough is enough.  Brexit threatens to devastate our economy, our security and our country’s standing in the world, bringing no benefit to the British people.

It’s no surprise that huge numbers of people in Yorkshire – just as in other parts of the United Kingdom – are now taking to the streets to demand the final say on the defining issue of our time.

The Vice-Chair and Founder of Leave Means Leave has said that this is no longer about leave or remain but the future of democracy.

Richard Tice Vice-Chair and Founder of Leave Means Leave said:
Unlike the so-called “People’s vote” we see no need to pay people to have a day out in London.
Instead we are taking our message directly to the people all across the country, and the fantastic response we have had shows that it is striking a chord with them.
This is no longer about leave or remain but the future of British democracy


People’s Vote South West Yorkshire chair Louise Houghton said:

We’ve been overwhelmed by the local support for our campaign. People don’t appreciate being lied to, and everyone now realises the Brexit that was promised cannot be delivered.

Nationally they say that 180 coaches have been booked.

The Put it to the People march is being organised by the People’s Vote campaign – an alliance of groups opposing leaving the EU.


  1. Harrogate on it’s own will send more people to the ‘Put it to the People’ London march on Saturday than the whole Leave campaign can muster for their sad ramble (and by the way where is Farage? – certainly not marching!). Supporters of Yorkshire for Europe are spending their own time and money to travel to London to express their displeasure at the actions of the government. No-one is being paid. Look out for us on Saturday, proudly waving our white rose flags for a strong Yorkshire in Europe.

  2. The very best of wishes to Supporters of Yorkshire for Europe and to everyone else on the Put it to the People March on Saturday. Thank you on behalf of all Remainers and may God be with you.

  3. Yes Tice – it is about democracy. It’s about a lot of people exercising their democratic right to campaign against the government. That is a beauty of democracy. Democracy is not defined as “That which gives Richard Tice what he wants”.

    Democracy has taken a hit in this country. We’ve seen a fraudulent referendum campaign resulting in a narrow win – a small bump in the statistics that happen to coincide with a huge spend on highly targeted advertising that was false and, by being microtargeted, unseen and unchallenged by those in a position to do so. Even now we are seeing well paid social media campaigns spreading a false narrative about the Lisbon Treaty. No we’ve not signed up to the Euro in 2022!

    We have a government that passes the referendum off as advisory in court (and therefore there is nothing to challenge as it is legally irrelevant) yet binding in public. It’s one or the other Theresa May!

    Since the referendum we’ve seen a leader attempt to act like an elected dictator (sort of elected anyway) and now suffer the consequences of trying to force her will on Parliament.

    We’ve seen our national press fall well short of their duty to educate and inform but instead act more like propaganda pamphlets. We’ve just seen the Speaker of the House pilloried for standing up to a Parliamentary rule that is designed to stop the Executive brow-beating Parliament into submission. And now we have our leader claiming that Parliament are unpatriotic for doing their job, while she seems to only care for the wishes of a few extremists.

    In our taking back control – it seems that all of the power rests with the ERG and the DUP. So much for democracy!

  4. Well done Mr Cook! A Brexit item with the views of both sides presented! A couple of comments: 1) Presumably it is the “Remain” side who are organizing the coaches, not the Leave campaigners as the first line of your article implies. 2) Mr Tice’s claims of a “paid day out in London” for people supporting the “so-called People’s vote” appears to be untrue, as 2 minutes of googling demonstrates https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/coaches-from-north-yorkshire-to-peoples-vote-march-on-parliament-march-23rd-tickets-57291688984 but is not challenged or commented on. I believe that if people were presented with more facts than simply unchallenged opinion (and isn’t that supposed to be the goal of journalism?) then they could make a more informed choice on such matters.

  5. We had a vote, the majority voted leave. Now lets leave that’s how democracy works.

    The MPs need to do as they are instructed and make leave happen with a deal or no deal.

    If we leave with no deal Europe will be in talks soon after to agree terms more beneficial to both sides.

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