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10 Devonshire Arms, Harrogate

10 Devonshire Place to close


The owners of 10 Devonshire Place Pub in the High Harrogate are of Harrogate have said they are to close.

In a letter Steve and Andi Aikman have said:

Happy new year to you all!

We have decided to call time on our stay at 10 Devonshire Place so first of all let us say THANK YOU for helping us bring back to life the 2nd oldest pub in town.

THANK YOU for voting for us to be Harrogate Pub of the Year for 2017 and Camra Pub of the Year for 2016.

THANK YOU for making us number 1 on TripAdvisor for Restaurants – we did laugh!

Our pop-ups were amazing though weren’t they.

THANK YOU for letting us support local brewers, indie businesses, small start-up craft brewers and those amazing small batch gin distillers.

When we took over this old pub it was in such a sad state, about to lose it license, hardly a light or socket working, the toilets all broken, the flooring was in a terrible state and there was a tree growing through the roof in the bar.

But we saw a beautiful horseshoe bar that was covered in a mucky brown paint. That was our Eureka moment!! We saw the potential that no one else had in over 30 years of it being one of the worst pubs in Harrogate.

We started 10 Dev to sell great beer at a great price, an affordable pint or G&T for the working people of Harrogate. We saw a whole in the market for great beer, wine & gin to work alongside great service in a warm and friendly atmosphere, all things we hope we brought you.

We, on a selfish note also wanted to prove we could turn what was the worst pub in Harrogate for the last 30 years, and was about to be closed, into the best. 4 years and a couple of awards later and we feel this may well have been true.

So why are we leaving now?

Well we feel we should leave on a high and we think we are after a great Festive period, we also feel we owe you an explanation of why.

We have been battling against a fourfold rent increase for the past 2 years, costing many 000’s, a rent increase that makes the business unsustainable.

We have battled our business being advertised for sale twice and neither time by us!

We have battled a bailiff who came to collect rent we did not owe.

With this being the second oldest pub in Harrogate comes many maintenance issues beyond our responsibility which unfortunately haven’t been carried out.

It’s hard enough running a business without the constant fights behind the scenes, fights that have ultimately led us to this decision.

On a personal note while all this has been happening Steve has had two massive operations for cancer, chemotherapy, sepsis, numerous other operations and infections resulting in many stays in hospital. This all puts life in perspective a little.

There are too many people to thank so we thank them all and wish them all the best for the future especially present and past staff. Be assured everyone has and will be paid fully and we will not owe a penny to any member of our staff or any of our suppliers.

This weekend will be our last so come and take advantage of some amazing drink offers and if you want some of our fixture and fittings just ask.

Love to you all and thank you for supporting us.


Steve & Andi



  1. The state of Harrogate, turn something round,, then landlords etc do not believe in town development, all they think about is money!!! nothing to with the hard work and dedication people have put into their businesses, If you make a living through your hard work and show a profit, they want MORE!! Despicable!! Wish you both all the best for the future, such a shame, Wonderful place.

  2. I’ve been a fair few times, it;s a lovely warm pub, but as you can expect from greedy landlords, council or whoever is the full force behind your decision to have to give up on your dream then its down to them…I hate the fat cats and all they do to demolish peoples dreams and livelyhoods, Harrogate will be/and is. another desperate town trying to survive ..All the very best to you and fingers up to those who made you give up on your dream x

  3. Oh no this is so sad, we go here most Fridays, great beer, great atmosphere.such a great place to meet and chat. I will be missed. Why is Harrogate so money grabbing with rates and rents. It is Killing many local independent businesses.
    All the best Stev and Andi

  4. O no, just as I was planning my first visit after reading trip advisor reviews. I wish landlords would do their bit for the local economy as you two have done. Best of luck in the future and worst of luck to greedy landlords!

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