Tim Cook, Editor of the Harrogate Informer
Tim Cook, Editor of the Harrogate Informer

What do you want from the Harrogate Informer ?

31 December 2018

The Harrogate Informer started publishing news in January 2011, making us nearly 8-years-old.

We want your feedback on what we are doing right and what we can improve upon. There is a saying that content is king, but it’s not just about having content, it’s how you put that content out – it needs to be interesting and engaging.

We recently looked at how we were using video and concluded that it was a bit boring. That led to a move towards shorter, more active videos – not just a talking head.

We have also looked at how we use press releases. News generally has too much cutting and pasting of press releases, or churnalsim. Press releases can be useful as the starting point for a news item, but they are not essential – Just engage with us on news@harrogate-news.co.uk

Getting out and talking to people is really what it is all about and many seem surprised when we say we would be delighted to drop-in and cover a news item. That means talking to people, photography and video.

But, for now, we would welcome all and any feedback on what we do. People are often reluctant to comment, but the website is continually evolving and feedback is very much part of that process.

Please let us have your comments, you don’t need to include a name if you don’t wish to.

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