Grove Road Primary School Spreads Kindness

19 November 2018

Grove Road Primary School has run a series of great activities to mark Anti-Bullying Week. The school wants pupils to be kinder to one another and stop any future bullying.

Research from the Anti-Bullying Alliance shows that 87% of 11 to 16 year olds have witnessed young people bullying each other.

Grove Road Primary’s ethos is summed up in their RESPECT Code. They value Relationships and Equality for all, place great value in high Standards, are Positive and Enthusiastic and think about the Choices they make, and throughout all of this work closely Together.



Headteacher Chris Parkhouse said:

We’re committed to kindness every week of the year and Anti-Bullying Week allows us to focus in on this. We place Relationships are at the centre of our RESPECT ethos and those relationships are built on being kind and considerate to one another.

As an Enhanced Mainstream School – our staff are supported by highly specialised and skilled professionals who help children throughout Harrogate schools with social, emotional and mental health needs. We were delighted to round off a great week with a visit from Children’s Happiness Coach Simon Benn on Friday 16th November.


Simon Benn is the world’s first children’s happiness coach and over the last 5 years has helped over 1,300 7 to 11 year olds be happier, kinder to one another and resilient.


Simon Benn said:

As someone who was bullied when I was younger, helping children understand and manage their feelings so they don’t bully others is close to my heart. I also love building children’s resilience and making them bully-proof so others can’t upset them.



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