Jail for York man who injected heroin into another man’s arm

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A man has been jailed for five years for manslaughter after injecting a man with heroin in a shop doorway in .

Jordan Hipkins, 24, of North Street, York, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on 3 September 2018, the day he was due to stand trial for causing the death of 44-year-old James Moore.

He was jailed by Crown Court on 10 September 2018 where he also received two further three-month jail terms for unconnected offences including assault and criminal damage after attacking a taxi and its driver, and obstructing a community support officer in a separate incident. A charge of possessing a knife was allowed to remain on file.



In the early hours of Thursday 25 May 2017, police received a call from the service who were administering CPR to Mr Moore who had collapsed in Micklegate.

Mr Moore, of no fixed address, was resuscitated and taken to hospital where he remained in a critical condition until he sadly died in the early hours of 5 June 2017.

The police investigation placed Jordan Hipkins with Mr Moore on the morning he became ill. CCTV showed Hipkins injecting Mr Moore with a substance that turned out to be heroin. The post mortem showed that Mr Moore died from the effects of heroin and alcohol.


Investigating officer, Detective Constable Michael Johnston of York Serious Crime, said:

Hipkins waited until the very last minute to admit his guilt, putting Mr Moore’s only surviving relative through the ordeal of the court process until he eventually pleaded guilty. Our thoughts remain with Mr Moore’s sister who has not only endured the loss of James, but had to see him suffer in the days leading up to his death. I hope they take some comfort that Hipkins has now been held accountable for his death.”



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