Harrogate fly-tipper banned from running a rubbish collection business

A man has been served with a court order banning him from running a waste collection service for the next five years.

Christopher Paul Binder (26-10-1989) from Pendragon Way in Harrogate has been given a criminal behaviour order by magistrates.

It prevents him from collecting, carrying, depositing or transporting waste for any person, business or enterprise in a self-employed basis until 2023.

Advertising waste collection or disposal services is also barred.

The council applied for the behaviour order after a successful prosecution earlier this year when Mr Binder was convicted for dumping rubbish multiple times across the district.

Instead of disposing waste responsibly, he left it at the side of the road, in the countryside, behind the Frazer Theatre in and in a supermarket car park in .

The criminal behaviour order will prevent Mr Binder from fly-tipping and places controls on him which will restrict his ability – and minimise the temptation for him – to fly-tip in the future.

If it is breached, Mr Binder could be fined and sentenced to five years in prison if the matter is escalated to a crown court.



But, nothing in the order prevents Mr Binder from being employed and the council did not set out to stop him from working altogether.

This was agreed between Mr Binder, his solicitor and the council.

Councillor Andy Paraskos, cabinet member with responsibility for the environment, said:

“We are pleased the order was granted by the court.

“Binder was dishonest when he took money from people who were led to believe their waste was being taken away and disposed of properly.

“As it was, the council, and private landowners, had to spend thousands of pounds clearing up the mess he had left behind.

“This follow-up legal action after Mr Binder’s conviction should serve as a warning for anyone tempted to fly-tip: we will do everything in our power to bring offenders to justice.”



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