Bishop Thornton School Packs a Punch

23 May 2018

Children at Bishop Thornton CE Primary School are very fortunate this term to be studying martial arts in their PE lessons.

Taught by Milo Dymoke-Marr of Harrogate’s AEGIS Martial Arts Academy, the children have been learning a variety of boxing moves including the straight punch, hook, upper cut, roundhouse kick, front kick, side kick and jumping spinning kicks.



Alongside these physical skills, the sessions focus on developing important life skills.  Milo, a fourth degree black belt, said:

Our aim is to teach courtesy, respect, persistence, honesty and courage.  We want the children to learn about themselves as well as learning a new sport.



Safety is at the core of the Academy’s ethos and the sessions are taught in a very disciplined way.  The children start and end with a bow, and say thank you to their partners.  They are also set homework.  This week’s project is to do something at home that they know they struggle with, and not to give up.



The children are really enthusiastic about their martial arts lessons.

Abigail (Year 1) said:  I like learning new things.


Laurie (Year 2) said: You have to start with your boxing stance and put your guard up.


Teachers are impressed too.  Mrs Ward, Class One’s teacher, said:

It’s really good to see the the children’s skills and confidence increasing each week.


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