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The repaired barrier at Kex Gill

A59 Kex Gill re-route construction target set as 2019/20

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North Yorkshire County Council have said that progress has been good on plans to re-route the A59 at Kex Gill

They are working to a construction start during 2019/2020.

Andrew Bainbridge of NYCC explained to the Area Committee this morning (15 March 2018) that environment surveys are key as the route is surrounded by a number of environmental importance.

Ground investigations are underway and a decision on the new route is likely by March/ April. The total cost is likely to be £23 million to £33 million with NYCC Executive already assigning £4.95 million to the project as a required local government contribution.

A structural stability survey by Capita had concluded that to reduce landslip would only be short-term.

Cllr Stanley Lumley emphasised, to the Area Committee, the importance of the route to the Community.

Local landowners had been mailed questionnaires with 65% returning them so far.



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  1. they have being going to reroute kex gill since the 60s if they did the work properly to shore up it would not be a problem

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