Ripon Fire station
Ripon Fire station

Ripon police to move in with Ripon Fire Service


The police and fire services in Ripon will soon be sharing a base.

From 2 February 2018, the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and 10 response officers currently based at Ripon Police Station will relocate from the building on North Street, to Ripon Fire Station, on Stonebridgegate.

Julia Mulligan, Polcie and Crime Commissioner, said:

I am pleased to announce that police officers and PCSOs in Ripon will soon be sharing a building with colleagues from the local fire service. This is a move that I hope to see repeated across the county in a bid to improve collaboration opportunities, allow for greater shared learning and to save money on buildings which can then be reinvested into the frontline.

This long-awaited move will see the police relocate out of a costly and outdated building into Ripon Fire Station, alongside their emergency service colleagues. The decision to dispose of the land and buildings at North Street has been in place for some time as part of our long-term estates strategy, and I am pleased that this is now going ahead.


Ripon Fire station
Ripon Fire station


Members of the public will still be able to access their local police in the new location. A number of options for North Yorkshire Police’s long-term base in Ripon are still being explored and this includes conversations with partner agencies.

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