Video: Resurrected Bites at St Mark’s Church

23 January 2018

Resurrected Bites formally launched their monthly Café on Saturday, 20 January 2018.

Michelle Hayes leads the food group at Zero Carbon Harrogate and has setup the Café at St. Mark’s Church on Leeds road in Harrogate – it is open to all.

The food group aims to raise awareness of the carbon cost of our food so that people can make more informed decisions when buying food. It aims to intercept excess food from supermarkets, local shops and businesses and redistributing to charities and people on low incomes.



Duncan Milwain is a trustee of the Real Junk Food Project and he supported the opening.

Duncan said:

Although the café is using food that would have otherwise been wasted, this is not a soup kitchen, a food bank or something for the poor or homeless – it’s for everyone.

It’s about creating a community and changing people’s attitudes.

In the UK, 1/3rd of food is wasted representing 7 million tonnes of food and drink

On average, the food waste costs each household £470 million.




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