Henshaws Beach
Henshaws Beach

Local company NM Group saves the Henshaws urban beach

19 June 2017

Last month, Henshaws ran their very first crowd funding campaign, asking local residents and businesses alike to support the Henshaws urban beach.

The beach is now a permanent fixture in the calendars of families from across the north but was at risk of disappearing as the Knaresborough feva committee could no longer stretch to supporting it.

Luckily, more than 50 residents and businesses came together to support Henshaws, including NM Group, located at Whitfield Business Park who donated £1,600 to ensure the beach stays.


Maria Dawbarn, centre manager at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre said: The beach is the number one thing to do here in Knaresborough this summer, with activities every day for children and beach cocktails for mums and dads. The generous donations received through the crowd funding campaign mean we can host the beach again, now we just need to order the sunshine!



Kevin Jacobs, CEO of NM Group, an international provider of asset management services to the electricity sector, explains why they wanted to help secure the future of the urban beach: NM Group have been based in Knaresborough for over 10 years. We are part of the local community here and believe it is important to support charities that work in the area. Therefore we are proud to help ensure this amazing facility remains open to the public.



Sarah-Jane Martin, corporate fundraising manager for Henshaws said: We’re so grateful to NM Group for supporting us; as a small charity it’s great to see an international company helping us out and keeping the beach at the heart of summer in Knaresborough.




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