Mark Sewards, Labour's Candidate for Harrogate and Knaresborough
Mark Sewards, Labour's Candidate for Harrogate and Knaresborough

Poll shows landslide win for Labour in Harrogate and Knaresborough

5 June 2017

A poll has shown a landslide win for the Labour Party in Harrogate and Knaresborough.

The poll was undertaken by the Harrogate Informer and has shown the following result:

  • Labour – 67%
  • Conservative – 20%
  • Liberal Democrat -10%
  • Independent – 3%

The poll was undertaken over the 3 and 4 June 2017 with over 461 casting a vote.

The accuracy of the poll ?

The poll excluded people that had already voted based upon a browser cookie and device ip address. This does not make it impossible to return a poll vote twice, but it does make it very difficult.

Also, the poll was open to all, so it will be biased to those that actually saw the poll and were then motivated to make their opinion known by completing.

Much can be discussed about the accuracy of any poll, but there is no denying that this poll is predicting a huge win for Labour.

Andrew Jones MP has represented the town since 2010, following Phil Willis who was elected in 1997. 1997 was a landslide year for Labour, but Harrogate turned to the Liberal Democrats.

The poll is here : Poll, How Would You Vote If The Election Was Today ?




  1. Unfortunately I don’t seriously expect this to be replicated on Thursday. What it does say is that Labour has a strong local membership that is increasing every week. It is also testament to Mark Sewards the excellent candidate who has worked tirelessly to get the parties message out. I predict an increase in the Labour vote. It is entirely possible looking at the local polls (see yougov polls on line) that Labour could become the second party in Harrogate.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if this is a bid to try and shift any tactical votes from Lib Dem back to labour and therefore “wasting” the vote and allowing the tories back in. Perhaps I’m just being cynical and this fella can do it after all?

  3. Mrs H, I believe there is a shift from Lib Dem to Labour in Harrogate. If you support Labour vote Labour. Tactical voting in this election is irrelevant, if it was, even I as a committed Labour supporter would do so.

  4. A split vote will quite simply send the Tory back to Parliament. This poll as the article
    says is not a trusted sample. Everyone has to make a choice. Helen Flynn, the LibDem, is a local candidate who knows the area well and is involved in the community. This video summarises Helen’s Flynn’s CV.

  5. Any more information about this poll? – i.e. What was the question, how was it asked, demographics of respondents, etc.

  6. Has everyone lost the plot here. Labour in Harrogate – I might as well move to the moon than believe this Nightmare ‘Fairy tale’! Mark Sewards doesn’t even live in the area – he lives in Leeds! If you want the country bankrupt in the year then vote Labour!! This has to be the most ridiculous news feature of the election!

  7. There is considerable hype in that piece. It is huff and puff. More posters in Harrogate for LibDem Helen Flynn than other parties. Helen has huge expertise and a record of community involvement in the area. The Labour candidate is from Leeds. Splitting the vote against the Tory could allow him to win, ppl should think hard about votes.

  8. Well, we can only hope that Mark Seward is representing Harrogate and Knaresborough after the general election.

  9. This is a very dubious poll that doesn’t really tell us anything.It’s interesting that Willis refers to it in his latest mail out,seeing Labour as his biggest threat.I believe this to be a huge piece of misinformation & aimed to encourage any opposition to not vote LibDem.Yes,they are Tories in disguise but sadly that’s the main political make up of this town.Willis is even distancing himself from the leadership & trying to focus on his local work.That local work pales into insignificance against all the hard hitting cuts to local services he & his government have introduced.
    Check this out if you want to remove the Cons from number 10…
    A tactical vote is anything but irrelevant in this election & I for one would rather have a LibDem MP & a Labour Government.

  10. Vote with your head as well as your heart, if you want Labour in, then vote Labour – no need to vote tactically this time to try and keep the Tories out, because we might just do it.

  11. I am surprised that The Informer published such a ridiculous poll. Given that most of your readers will be young and radical – of course they are going to say they are voting Labour.
    The result was never in doubt although you did put a shot across the bows of Mr Jones

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