Caravans seized after Sutton Bank trip

5 June 2017

Two caravans have been seized by police this morning after coming to officers’ attention as they were driven up Sutton Bank.

Caravans are prohibited from going up or down Sutton Bank, near Thirsk, due to its steep gradient and hairpin bend. An alternative route is clearly signposted through Coxwold and Ampleforth.



At 10am on Monday 5 June, officers stopped two caravans which had travelled up the bank. However, unfortunately for both drivers, it then emerged that neither of them had the correct licence to tow the caravans anyway.

Both drivers were reported for driving other than in accordance with their licences, and the caravans were seized by police – until someone with a suitable licence can come and retrieve them.


  1. Not sure why they might have caused an accident of any kind, serious or not. Ironically you’re allowed to tow a 40 plus tonne trailer, glider or box trailer up & down Sutton Bank, but if I tow a trailer with windows & a door in it, then I’m not. The so called alternative route is anything but suitable for a large caravan (been there & just about done it)

  2. The whole point is safety, not all caravaners have the nowce to tow anything but a dump it site trailer. Some even take their caravans out twice a year, serviced very doubtful. If you ever watched the “Caravaner of the Year” competition on the telly, then you will know exactly why we aren’t allowed up Sutton Bank. Some caravaners take it seriously and on certain weekend compete in caravan trials, usually over a timed course, covers reversing and manoeuvring into spaces the size of a large garage. So a few people can do it, but I would say about 90-95% can’t. We have members within our small club, who have been caravaning for years. Still can’t reverse a caravan, got to use the mover lol.

  3. Selfish and stupid people. Caravaning is a great pastime for families but there’s always idiots that give it a bad press.

  4. Well done Police . Now get down on the main road and do something about those caravanners who are speeding, driving erratically pulling out without using indicators, don’t have towing mirrors and in one case I saw as I pulled up alongside the trues were obviously cracked and perished. I did ask think he might not be aware( sic) and he said they’ve been like tahst for months. They’ll be right.
    I’m sick of these idiot who give the rest of us carsvsnners a bad name.

  5. If you read about the police and caravans the vans have been impounded because the drivers had no towing licence for larger trailers may be wrong but not for towing the vans up the bank ..also it says nothing about coming down

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