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How to make your home spring ready

2 February 2017

Thankfully, winter is finally coming to an end. It’s time to wave goodbye to the chilly weather, big coats, oversized scarves and welcome spring.

It’s also time to spruce up your home and as well as a spring clean, why not decorate your home ready for the new season? Even if you live in a new build home, repainting the walls and changing the décor brings out your personality and helps make your house feel like a home.

For those looking for a push in the right direction, Pantone have dubbed “greenery” as the colour of the year, the shade can be best described as a very fresh light woodland green.

Greenery is the perfect colour to fill your home with in spring as it reminiscent of spring nature when the trees are beginning to get their leaves back, animals are emerging from hibernation and plants are beginning to blossom.

The best way to go about filling your home with this colour is to use it sparingly on furniture and interior features you want to stand out. For instance, in an all-white room, you might want to order in new curtains or seat cushions with the greenery colour.

Alternatively, painting one feature wall in the colour or the skirting boards would also work well in a light, bright room. The key to getting the greenery colour to work is partnering it with neutral, light bright tones. The greenery colour is all about being fresh and natural, therefore dark, rich colours and unnatural materials won’t work too well. Try to avoid shiny, metallic partnering objects and instead choose matte, wooden ones instead.

If the greenery route sounds like one you want to follow be sure to pay attention to the “Jungalow” trend as well. A neologism coined by LA-based designer Justina Blakeney, this blend word is a mix of the words jungle and bungalow. There a ton of ways to incorporate this jungle theme into your home without looking like a tasteless wildlife fanatic.

As for textiles, curtains with a palm leaf finish are simple and brilliant, however, if you want to opt for something for a bit more exotic, curtains with jungle birds, wildlife and plants also look brilliant and bring boldness and vibrancy to any living space.

Scatter cushions and throws are also a great way to bring the jungalow trend into your home. Go for a tropical-cross-safari theme and add some zoology cushions featuring several safari animals, it strays away from the jungle theme somewhat but will not look at all out of place and also opens you up to more choice.

Exotic prints are all the rage, so a very light, monotone wallpaper featuring some of the world’s most rare and beautiful fur patterns will create a really fresh and vibrant look to partner with the greenery colour.

For a full list of colour pairings that work for this season, Pantone have published well over half a dozen on their site. You can see them here.

Written by Greg Nettle on behalf of Strata Homes

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