Author inspires pupils at Harrogate prep school


West Yorkshire author Jason Beresford brought his own brand of zany humour and wit to pupils at Harrogate prep school Belmont Grosvenor.

The former teacher-turned-writer strummed on his ukulele, played games, and danced around the school grounds as he encouraged all the pupils at the co-educational prep school to conjure up their very own superheroes – then write stories based on their powers and actions.


Jason, who spent the day working with children from Reception to Year 6 at the Harrogate prep school:

It is a pleasure coming to visit schools like Belmont Grosvenor, which is just brilliant at finding books for their pupils that help unlock a child’s potential and inspire, rather than just getting children to just read the more traditional options.


The author of The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers, Frozen Fish Fingers and Fish Fingers vs Nuggets, due out next year, added: “I hope all the children here will have enjoyed the day then go off and read something new and exciting! It doesn’t necessarily have to be one of my books, but obviously that would be a bonus!”

Jason’s day-long workshop at Belmont Grosvenor, based at Swarcliffe Hall, Birstwith, Harrogate, is the latest in a series author visits enjoyed by pupils at the co-educational prep school.

Other well-known authors who have inspired pupils by sending a day at Belmont Grosvenor have included Teresa Flavin, Tom Palmer and Liz Million.


Sophie Johnston, Head of English at Belmont Grosvenor School, said:

Jason was highly entertaining and engaging and created a real buzz around the school.

Pupils and teachers alike were thoroughly captivated by his stories and were inspired to continue their activities long after Jason had gone. He really showcased the wonderful world of books and explored how creating characters, giving them personalities and writing stories can be fantastic fun.



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