Filmore & Union’s new nutritionist chef, Jake Chapman
Filmore & Union’s new nutritionist chef, Jake Chapman

Nutritionist chef turns up the heat at Filmore & Union

26 November 2016

A chef who has qualifications in nutrition, mindfulness and cognitive therapy has joined the team at Filmore & Union as the Yorkshire-based company continues to cement itself as one of the country’s leading healthy eating restaurants.

Jake Chapman, 24, from Grassington, North Yorkshire, will use a holistic approach to develop innovative new dishes with a strong nutritional focus.

The ambitious young chef has also been tasked with creating a new nutrient-based juice programme, which will be launched in the New Year.


Jake said:

I did a sports science degree and I focused on nutrition in my final year. After that I did a nutritional therapist and a nutritional coach qualification.

That’s why I applied for a role at Filmore – I’m a huge fan of the company’s healthy ethos.

For me nutrition is the foundation of wellbeing. That’s why Filmore stands out from other restaurants.

Nutrition is a passion of mine and I want to help educate people in making the right choices when it comes to food.


As Filmore & Union continues to grow as a company, Jake will oversee a host of new projects including a takeaway concept that will focus on health and nutrition and the introduction of wellness events at the restaurants.


Jake said:

I love working at Filmore. It is unique because the food is so much healthier than everywhere else, particularly in the north of England. It also caters for different dietary needs and requirements, including coeliacs, which is extremely important.

Filmore & Union is a wellness brand and I want to help take that further. I like everything I do to be science and research-based and as healthy and nutritious as it can be – whilst obviously tasting amazing!


Meanwhile, Jake is looking forward to seeing customers tuck in to Filmore & Union’s new innovative Christmas evening menu, which launched this week.


Jake said:

Our festive menu is so different to all the others that are out there.

It is 100 per cent gluten free and 80 per cent dairy free. We cater for most dietary intolerances, because we don’t believe anyone should miss out on really interesting food – particularly at Christmas.

All the ingredients are pure, natural and wholesome, and while there are plenty of festive treats, customers won’t leave the restaurant feeling bloated and lethargic.

It’s Christmas with a healthier approach but the dishes certainly aren’t lacking in flavour or imagination – healthy doesn’t have to be boring!


Jake’s favourite Filmore & Union dish:

  • The vegan Massaman curry is really great. The base is coconut milk. The type of fat in coconut is digested in a completely different way to other types of fat, which makes it much better for you. The curry comes with cauliflower rice as opposed to normal rice, which has fewer calories and a lower carbohydrate content.
  • Jake’s top mood-enhancing foods to help chase away those winter blues: Oily fish, including salmon, and nuts and seeds as they contain Omega 3. Increasing your quantity of vegetables (any type) to up to eight portions a day also helps. A good way to do this is by adding them to juices and smoothies.


Jake’s top immunity-boosting foods to help fight off colds:

  • Fruit and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, including kale, citrus fruits and bell peppers.


Jake’s nutritional myth-buster:

The ‘all fats are bad for you’ myth is my biggest gripe. Fat has had such a bad press for a long time and people are starting to realise now that certain fats are an important part of your diet. I advise using full fat butter and milk because the nutritional value is so much greater than the low fat versions.

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