Junior soldiers to watch Army Foundation College documentary this evening

3 October 2016

The Army Foundation College in Harrogate will give their Junior Soldiers the evening off to watch a TV documentary which was filmed recently at the military training establishment.

The current intake of Junior Soldiers will be allowed time off from their training to watch Raw Recruits: Squaddies at 16.

  • Raw Recruits: Squaddies at 16 Monday 3rd October – 9pm on Channel 5

All of the young recruits featured in the show have now graduated from the college in Penny Pot Lane.

Many of the training staff who worked with the Junior Soldiers in Burma Company, have also gone back to their regiments and battalions.

Captain Nicholas Hudson, who was the Burma Company Second-in-Command, at the time of filming said:

I’m looking forward to seeing the documentary.

It will be great to see the progression of the Junior Soldiers going from school kids to young adult.

it will also be great to show how hard the permanent staff work around the clock to get them there.

The college runs two types of courses – a 20-week course and a longer 40-week course – with intakes in September and March.



There is a strong focus on education at the college and students also have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of sports and adventure training.

45 teenagers from across the country are embarking on a unique and intensive military training course in Harrogate – the only one of its kind in Europe.

They’ll spend the next 23 weeks being transformed from civilians to Britain’s youngest soldiers.

Cut off from family and friends, the demands of army life are high. 5:30am starts and gruelling 16 hour days are standard, with lessons in weapon handling, marching and challenging field exercises to contend with.

Not everyone will make it through. But for some this is the first step to a life-long dream career with the British Army.

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