Harrogate Railway Ladies v Westella and willerby

25 September 2016

Harrogate Railway Ladies played host to last year’s league runner-up Westella and willerby in only their second league fixture of the season.

Railway started well and in the first two minutes Krista Shuttleworth passed from the right only for Louise Donnely to have her first touch saved by the keeper.

Railway continued to play a very good pass and move game throughout the first half, creating chances but just not able to get the final touch in front of goal.

Westella also created some chances in the first 45, but were either closed down by Rail’s defence or comfortably saved by Charlotte (rocky) Donnelly in goal.

Harrogate Railway Ladies should have gone into the half time break with at least a one-goal lead.

At half time the Railway ladies were warned that Westella would come out strong in the second 45, and sure enough straight from the restart the visitors played the ball out to the left, crossed it into the penalty box and their forward put the shot just wide.

Westella piled on the pressure and in the 59th minute won a corner.

The ball was delivered to the near post where Railway defender Jodi Hodgson half-cleared the ball, but it was passed straight back out to the Westella winger who put it a great cross to the box and found the head of Harrogate Railway’s full-back Jenny Hudleston who unfortunately put it into her own goal. The visitors were one goal up.
Railway had to show some spirit but instead they hit the panic button and when put on the ropes again four minutes later, went down 0-2 with a fine shot from centre-field.

Railway were looking unsteady with their passing in the second half and very nervous until left-back, Emma Lansdall took the ball down the left wing and crossed into new girl, Sheridan Douglas.

Douglas’ shot was cleared by the Westella defender, but the ball fell to Railway’s right back Jade Holt who struck home from 30 yards out to make it 1-2.

This lifted the Railway ladies and for the next ten minutes it looked like they could get a point out of this game, however with 12 minutes to go Railway imploded.

Two more goals in three minutes by the visitors made the final score 1-4 and it could have been worse if it hadn’t been for player of the match Laura Savage as centre back.

With new players still settling in and a long way to go the Railway Ladies need not panic as on the day they can be a match for any team as shown in this first half, they just need to believe in themselves.

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