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Important consultation for all Ripon residents – your views are needed

20 September 2016

A detailed strategy for the viable growth and regeneration of Ripon over the coming years is published today.

The Ripon City Plan sets out a series of planning policies which could pave the way for 1,500 new homes to be built in the city and the creation of 700 new jobs over the next fifteen years, whilst also providing new facilities for the community and protecting the city’s environmental, cultural and heritage assets.

The draft plan contains a number of strategic planning policies to improve and revitalise the city using the Neighbourhood Planning approach which enables communities to have a greater say in their future.


  • Details will be made available from the Town Hall or on the website:


One of the biggest opportunities presented by the City Plan is for local residents to help to shape the regeneration of the military estate. Proposed plans for the Clotherholme area incorporates new housing and new business workspace, new roads and the development of community recreational and sporting facilities in a redevelopment of the Deverell and Claro barracks sites. In the event of a new swimming pool being built at the Camp Close Leisure Centre, plans for the Spa Quarter will ensure that any redevelopment of the Spa Baths site  will preserve the historic integrity of the existing building.

The plan sets out strategies for the growth and revitalisation of the city centre with new shops and amenities that will complement Ripon Cathedral’s own redevelopment project announced earlier this year. Policies are also in place to improve transport links, support businesses and visitors, and to safeguard the city’s built and natural environment.

The Draft Ripon City plan is a consolidation of three years dedicated work by the City Plan team, which has brought together a group of volunteer planning specialists who all have strong links to the city.


Richard Taylor, a former professional heritage planner and a member of the City Plan Team:

We’re proud to say that the Ripon City Plan is entirely locally-led. It’s the result of two community consultations since 2013 where residents told us what they wanted for Ripon and we have taken many of their comments on board.

We believe it brings together local aspirations with strategic thinking into proposals that will improve Ripon, as a place to live, work and visit, without compromising its unique character. Now every resident in Ripon has a chance to tell us what they think.


All Ripon households will receive a copy of a summary of the draft Ripon City Plan over the next days and they are invited to give their views during the consultation period which begins, Monday 19 September and ends on Sunday 30 October 2016.


Alan Weston, Ripon City Development Manager:

It’s a strategy that reflects the needs of families and community life in Ripon today while

preserving the integrity of the city’s heritage and environment. We believe the plan offers opportunities for vibrant growth which are in harmony with the city’s size and its distinctive qualities. Every household and family in Ripon has a stake in the Ripon City Plan and once they have read it, we urge them to give us their feedback.

Throughout the consultation period we’ll be holding a series of drop-in sessions in the Town Hall where residents can come and talk to members of the City Plan team and get a clearer picture of the proposed plans from a standing exhibition.


Ripon residents can give feedback by completing the Consultation Response Form which is in the centre of their copy of the Draft Ripon City Plan Summary. They can do this either on line or by returning the completed form to the Town Hall, or they may email their comments to the City Plan Team.

The first drop-in sessions are scheduled for the following dates:


  • Thursday 22nd September: 10am – 1pm
  • Friday 23rd September: 1 – 4 pm
  • Saturday 24th September 10am – 1pm


Further drop-in dates are planned together with other opportunities to discuss the proposals with the City Plan team.

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