Family days out – Treetop Nets near Ripon

Treetop nets recently invited us down to try out the family attraction near Ripon.

The family attraction sits right next door to Lightwater Valley making it easy to find as it even shares the same car park.

Treetops nets is a network of trampolines, or really big trampoline rooms, interconnected with walkways. The Ripon centre has five different trampolines, some with tunnels to the other rooms and some with slides back down to the ground.


Part of treetop nets near Ripon

Get used to bouncing!

After the initial training session you are on the nets and from then on everything bounces. Going on with children you will no doubt immediately find they leave you in the distance as they go shooting off! But it is all a serious amount of fun. the trampoline nets vary, some are very bouncy and some have swing balls in or massive space-hopper-sized balls to chuck about.

Ticket prices vary from £20 for aged 5+ to adults down to £12.50 for under 5’s. That gives you two hours of play on the equipment, if your legs are not burning by two hours then you have spent too much time sitting on the nets while the kids tire themselves out.





Some of the nets are really very high and as you look down through the nets it can be a little daunting, but the trampolines nets are all reassuringly triple nets. They also limit the number of bouncers in each session, particularly handy if you are with smaller children as they are less likely to be jumped off their feet.

So would we recommend it ?

Yes it’s great fun and is great for a wide age range. It’s perhaps not the cheapest time out, two hours is a long enough time to be on the equipment and the equipment is of a high quality, with many staff supervising. If you want something that is a big step up from the Valley Garden’s play area, then this is for you!


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