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Harrogate stronger in campaigners

Members of European Parliament in Harrogate


Timothy Kirkhope MEP, Richard Corbett MEP and Linda McAvan MEP have all visited Harrogate recently to campaign to keep Britain IN Europe – and on Monday 13 June 2016, Richard Corbett and Linda McAvan will again be in town addressing meetings.

Richard Corbett is speaking at the Harrogate Chamber of Trade and Commerce meeting at Holiday Inn Hotel, Kings Road at 6:30 pm and Linda McAvan will be addressing an open public meeting at 7 pm at St Roberts Club, Roberts Road.

John Harris a supporter of Britain Stronger IN Europe who is chairing the Linda McAvan meeting said:

Linda will be able to challenge the ‘democratic deficit’ argument of Brexit by describing her role as a member of the European Parliament and the full involvement of the UK government in the EU decision making – not at all as claimed ‘unwelcome decisions imposed by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels ’. Linda will be happy to take questions on matters of concern and interest to local people.

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